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Tommy & The Painkillers Castro - Stompin' Ground
Rooms - It Takes a lot to Show Up
The Faps - Hot Slaw EP
The Cash Box Kings - Royal Mint
Squanto - Morning
kruhft - macro-2
Odonis Odonis - No Pop
Cares - Who Else Are You
The Inflation Kills - Grounds for Termination
The Tanuki Project - Soundsystem
Forager - scribe stepping in and out of season
Julius Sumner Miller - Why Is It So?
The Ramblin Valley Band - Farm Days
PEACH KELLI POP - Gentle Leader
L.T.Lief - Shadow on the Brim/Rough Beasts
Litterbug - The Scent of New Skins
Attikus x Vago - Uproars and Downpours
Holzkopf - House of Aud
Joseph Bridge - Marvin's Sanitarium
Various Artists - Blacktop Records: Don't Give Up: 12 Years of D.I.Y.
Death Wheelers, The / Witchstone - Mind Blowing Trip!!! / Summon the End
Witchstone / The Death Wheelers - Summon the End / Mind Blowing Trip!!!
Guzo Lou - Old Roads
Tanglers - Spring Chicken
Shhh - Be Quite
Craig Pedersen Quartet - Days Like Today
Pedersen/Lampron/Gobeil/Kerr/Thibodeau - Live in Silence
NO - El Prado
Steven Palmer - Prairie Airs
Tyler, the Creator - Cherry Bomb
Emily Wells - Promise
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Panic Blooms
So Long Seven - Kala Kalo
Lee Reed - The Butcher, the Banker, the Bitumen Tanker
Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
Lee Aaron - Diamond Baby Blues
Fu Manchu - Clone of the Universe
Michael Bridge - Overture
Twiolins, The - Secret Places
Hekla Island - Spinning Star Kick
Alanis Obomsawin - Bush Lady
Ridley Bent and the Killer Tumbleweeds - Ridley Bent and the Killer Tumbleweeds
Close Encounter - First Light
S Earl Hardy and Guns for Hire - Back in Del Rio
Orlon Gunner - Orlon Gunner
Bob Keelaghan and Muerte Pan Alley - The Soundtrack to Intersection and Music for Inside the Ku Klux Klan
David Leask - Six in 6/8
Bob's Burgers - The Bob's Burgers Music Album
A Place to Bury Strangers - Onwards To The Wall
A Place to Bury Strangers - Worship
Jay Kipps Band - How to Polish Your Longhorns
Electric Revival, The - Magnetic North
Smokes - Wayne Death
Brent Finlayson - A Distant Shore
Tom And His Computer - Playing in the Night
A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service
Woods - City Sun Eater In The River Of Light
TELEGRAM - Operator
The Shelters - EP
BLACK WATCH - Highs & Lows
Sexy Fights - Too Far Out
The Mystery Lights - The Mystery Lights
Moon Bros. - These Stars
Decorations - Have Fun
The Sturgeons - Black and White
Jo Passed - Their Prime
Mike Mikus - Mike Mikus LP
Worst Gift - World's Worst
Future Peers - Future Peers
Kongos - Egomaniac
TEKARRA - Tekarra
The Archers - Much More than Merry Men
Heat Rat Magnets - Heat Rat Magnets
Crow Eats Man - Crow Eats Man
Young Oceans - Suddenly (Or the Nuclear Sunburst of the Truth Revealed)
Amos the Transparent - Anniversaries
Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt
Kellarissa - Ocean Electro
Doot/Dedoot - Syncromesh
Greg Jacquin - Hudson River
Francis Cheer - Black White and Grey
Teen Vice - Saddest Summer
Fare Thee Well - Rugged Little Thing
Various Artists - Tegan and Sara The Con X: Covers
Blue Hawaii - Tenderness
Utilities, The - Heavy South
These Estates - I Can't Wait!
Alden Penner - Exegesis
Frankie & Jimmy - Blues on the Brain
Rob Crooks - And the Nothing from Which Nothing Comes
Young Pixels, The - Fever of Becoming
Other Lives - Rituals
Spoutnique - My Blue Sky Turns Teal, Vol. 1
Danger Cat - The Danger Cat EP
Potato Rocket - Grown Ass Adults
Compassion Gorilla - Coalesce
Needs - Needs
Various Artists - Signal Tracer
Carmel - Barve New Waves Session
Whitechapel - Mark of the Blade
The BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Nightbringers
Riot - Through The Storm (Reissue)
Riot - Army of One (Reissue)
Hearing Trees - Quiet Dreams
Ravencult - Force of Profanation
Oni - Ironshore
Lik - Carnage
King Diamond - The Spider's Lullabye
GWAR - The Blood of Gods
Gozu - Equilibrium
God Dethroned - The World's Ablaze
Ensiferum - Two Paths
Ensiferum - One Man Army
Dragonforce - Reaching Into Infinity
Destrage - A Means to No End
CRIPPER - Follow Me: Kill
Cannibal Corpse - Red Before Black
Cancer Bats - The Spark That Moves
Cancer Bats - Searching for Zero
Act of Defiance - Old Scars, New Wounds
Act of Defiance - Birth and the Burial
Powerwolf - The History Of Heresy II
Untrained Animals - Obsolescent the Moment You Get It
Shilpa Ray - Nihilism EP
Sun Seeker - Biddeford
Taylor Knox - Love
Jay-Z - 4:44
Ryan Massad - Alone & Overdressed
Tricky - Ununiform
The Horrors - V
Fink - Resurgam
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
Haxxan - The Magnificent Planet of Alien Vampiro II
Blue Sails - Blue Sails
Matthew Good - Something Like A Storm
Ancient Underground - Lovewise
Kim Beggs - Said Little Sparrow
The Barr Brothers - Queens Of The Breakers (Vinyl)
Susan Rankin - Pagan Lullabies
WARCALL - Invaders
Boxed In - Boxed In
Moas/Susan - Skid Fiction
Uforia - Flight Or Fight
Cold War Kids - LA DIVINE
Brood, The - Transistor
Catfish Keith - Honey Hole
Reuben and the Dark - Arms of a Dream
Patrick Alexandre - In the Blood
Megan Bonnell - Separate Rooms
Gordie Tentrees & Jaxon Haldane - Grit
George McMullen Trio - Boomerang
Low Cut Connie - Dirty Pictures (Part 2)
Vanta - II
Khari Wendell McClelland - Freedom Singer
Humans - The Feels
Wake - Misery Rites
Legend of the Seagullmen - Legend of the Seagullmen
D.O.A. - Fight Back
Body Lens - Body Lens
Tampa - Belated Love
Joe Vickers - Notes for the Wood Burning Stove
Postdata - Let's Be Wilderness
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Gumboot Soup
Ten Minute Detour - Common Pleasure
Maz - ID
Alison Wonderland - Awake
Camaromance - Chasing Clouds
Son of Dave - Music for Cop Shows
Okkervil River - In the Rainbow Rain
Frog Eyes - Violet Psalms
Ride - Tomorrow's Shore EP
Starchild & The New Romantic - Language
Vundabar - Smell Smoke
Bob Holroyd - The Cage
Smilin Rylan - Thank You For Singing Along
The Kickback - Weddings & Funerals
Andre Akinyele - Telegram Mews
Everett Bird - People Person
Radio Free Universe - Casa Del Diablo
Cosimo Erario - c'
The Goldberg Sisters - Home: A nice place to visit
Eureka California - Roadrunners
Futo - In Heaven, All My Jokes Will Kill
Layten Kramer - Glory
Phosphenes - Find Us Where We're Hiding
Soggy Bethpage, The - Ark Ark
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch
Twin - We Rise and Dance Sleep and Dream
Methyl Ethel - Everything Is Forgotten
Xiu Xiu - Forget
Wire - 154
Wire - Chairs Missing
Wire - Silver / Lead
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner - Make It Be
Black Lips - Satan's graffiti or God's art?
Animal Collective - Painters EP
Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda
Woods - Love Is Love
Hoops - Routines
Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now
Trans Am - California Hotel
Warm Soda - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Familea Miranda - Radiopharm
Diet Cig - Swear I'm Good At This
Betunizer - Enciende Tu Lomo
Pete Rock & Smoke Dza - Don't Smoke Rock
Sleaford Mods - English Tapas
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Zim Zam Zim
Grouper - Grid Of Points
Ceramic Dog - Y R U Still Here
SARAH LOUISE - Deeper Woods
Orquesta Akokan - Orquesta Akokan
Yonatan Gat - Universalists
STIMULATOR JONES - Exotic Worlds & Masterful Treasures
Speedy Ortiz - Twerp Verse
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Blue Poles
HALF WAIF - Lavender
Eternal Summers - Every Day It Feels Like I'm Dying...
Rich Aucoin - Hold
Coach Phillips - Learning How to Swim
Life In Vacuum - All You Can Quit
Soccer Mommy - Clean
Dave Chose - Dave Chose
Various Artists - Grey Matter
Craig Pedersen Quintet - Approaching the Absence of Doing
His Hubris - Clinamina
Craig Pedersen and Joel Kerr - It's a Free Country
Hot Rod DeVille - Dangerous
Black River Drifters - Drive by Feel
Dave Quanbury - Still Life with Canadian
Little Suns - Normal Human Feelings
Christina Martin - Impossible to Hold
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar - Run to Me
Jonathan Becker & the North Fields - Sober Dawn
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Apart
Beams - Teach Me to Love
Justin Rutledge - East
Various Artists - CKXU's Cosmic Frequencies
Martin Newell - Greatest Living Englishman
Hurry - Every Little Thought
American Pleasure Club - A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This
Evolfo - Last of the Acid Cowboys
Thomas Mudrick - (((Boing)))
The Pick Brothers Band - Blue Days EP
Katie Costello - New World EP
The Memories - Royal United Song Service
Detroit Rebellion - The Man
J Blissette - Until I Go Blind
Dennis Ellsworth - Things Change
Jpnsgrls - Divorce
Brenna Lowrie - Hungry Ghost
Doc Brucade - Universal Music Radio
Tricia Edwards - Intaglios
Plumtree - Water Had Leaked into My Suit
Liz Phair - Liz Phair
Randypeters, The - Randypeters, The
Readymade - Readymade
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
Quicksand - Quicksand
Tom Robinson - Tom Robinson
Rattled Roosters - Rattled Roosters
Resin Scraper - Resin Scraper
Rise - Rise
Detective Kalita - Detective Kalita
Eugene Ripper - Eugene Ripper
Pursuit of Happiness, The - Pursuit of Happiness, The
Push Kings, The - Push Kings, The
Punchbuggy - Punchbuggy
Pogues, The - Pogues, The
Posers, The - Worse Than Nothing
Iron Tusk - Iron Tusk
Tha Fax - Twisted Mirrors
Adonis Puentes - Dicen
Danielle Duval - Lose It
Sound of the Mountain - Amplified Clarinet & Trumpet
Applesauce Tears - Pastoral
Sc Mira - Keep Crawling / Drug Warm Coma
housepanther - Club Soda Lows
Group of 793 784 - Spooky Time
Lindi Ortega - Liberty
Shannen Moser - Oh, My Heart
Noga Erez - Off The Radar
Mux Mool - Implied Lines
Chastity Belt - I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone
Steve Reich - Pulse/Quartet
The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody
Sonny Smith - Rod For Your Love
Applesauce Tears - Pastoral
Poppy Akroyd - Resolve
Nadine - Oh My
Erik Phillips - One
Django Django - Marble Skies
Holy - All These Worlds Are Yours
Remy - Remy
GoodFight - Florida Room
Kid Trails - Naming EP
The Sufis - After Hours
Sankarshan Das - Our Sweet Lord
Fovea - Pencil Me in
Mimicking Birds - Layers Of Us
Joe Kye - Migrants
L.A. Salami - Generation L(ost)
Spacemen 3 - Playing With Fire
Duran Duran - Girls on Film 1978 Demo
Enter Shikari - The Spark
Chunder Buffet - Cesspool
Rick Smash - Shark in the Dark
Campfire Sigh - Brother Sun
Mackrosoft, The - Mackister Ludi: The Glass Weed Game
Scattered Clouds - The First Empire
Shooting Guns - Another WolfCop [OST]
Badanglos - No Apology
Bettie Doon - Dooner Nooner
Uranium Club - Live! at Arci Taun!
Yan Wagner - This Never Happened
Datashock - Krauter Der Provinz
Joachim Cooder - Fuchsia Machu Picchu
Ahmen - Timeout
Cadence Weapon - Cadence Weapon
King Tuff - The Other
The Gays - The Agenda
Zowiso - Beats Per Minute
Zowiso - Sloop De Stopera
Zowiso - The Lust
Zowiso - At A Jogtrot To Death
Tora - Take a Rest
Melkbelly - Nothing Valley
Kiera Dall'Osto - Kiera Dall'Osto
Jerry Leger - Nonsense & Heartache
Comments & Concerns - Alibi
Various Artists - Taking It to Heart, Volume Two
Touch - Journey to the West
Grievances / Never Betters - Guns + Roses' Roses
Hyness - The End of Music
Pavvla - Creatures
Sam Tudor - Quotidian Dream
Jared Brown - Reith Kichards
La Louma - Let the World Be Flooded Out
Circus in Flames, The - Outside America
Wire - Pink Flag
Tom Flynn - Pluck
T.M.A - Soca
Shy kids - In a State
Shannon & the Clams - Onion
Preoccupations - New Material
MGMT - Little Dark Age
Jirm - Surge Ex Monumentis
Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending
Francis Harris - Minor forms
Krief - Automanic
A Place to Bury Strangers - Pinned
Big Johnny Blue - Big Johnny Blue
Ritchie Dave Porter - End of the Line
Rust Owl - Rust Owl
Boniface - Phantom Limbs EP
Lunar Landing Confirmed - Lunar Landing Confirmed
Puritans, The - Puritans, The
Yellow Plastic Bucket - Yellow Plastic Bucket
Yellow Plastic Bucket - Yellow Plastic Bucket
Various Artists - Various Artists
Tijuana Bibles - Tijuana Bibles
Local Rabbits, The - Local Rabbits, The
Grand Theft Canoe - Grand Theft Canoe
Chickenhawk - Chickenhawk
Cheerleader - Cheerleader
Crash 13 - Crash 13
Fu Manchu - Fu Manchu
Prezident Brown - Prezident Brown
T. Beckford - T. Beckford
Leah Abramson - Songs for a Lost Pod
Sonoluminescence Trio - Telling Stories
From Waves to Shore - Subliminal Communications
moon:and:6 - A Brief History of American Space Travel
Diamante Electrico - Diamante Electrico EP
Teleskopes - Stereocilia
Sinister Bodies of Water - When the Knife Calls
Burying Ground, The - The Burying Ground
Alu - Mrs. Hypochondriac
Broken Muse - Broken Muse
Shitkid - Fish
Com Truise - Iteration (2LP)
B Boys - Dada
All We Are - Sunny Hills
Suntrodden - I
Suntrodden - II
Suntrodden - III
Roya - Roya
Making Movies - I Am Another You
Lola Marsh - Remember Roses
Crack Cloud - Anchoring Point
Saint Etienne - Home Counties
Forest Swords - Compassion
Family Force 5 - El Compadre
Elk City - Everybody's Insecure
DJ Katapila - Aroo