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Ralph - Coffee Jazz & Poetry (2003)

Track listing:
  1. Looking For A Seat
  2. This Dominion
  3. Performance
  4. Spoken Intro
  5. Sundays At The Stem
  6. Spoken Intro
  7. Sunday Newport
  8. Spoken Intro
  9. Paris In September
  10. Spoken Intro
  11. Chet Baker's Cigarette
  12. Ring The Bells
  13. I Love You Baby, But You Gotta Stop Wearing Those Ugly Shoes
  14. Ooh La La, C'est Comme CA
  15. A Long Kiss In The Rain
  16. Spoken Intro
  17. Let's Fall In Love
  18. Why Shouldn't I?
  19. Somewhere At The End
  20. Spoken Intro
  21. The Gargoyles Come Down From The Cathedral At Night
  22. We're The People That Love Forgot
  23. Spoken Intro
  24. Where Are The Bumper Boats In Salmon Arm, BC, Baby?
  25. Spoken Intro
  26. The Goatee Club
  27. It's A Wonderful World, If You Know Someone In It
  28. Spoken Intro
  29. Crawling Around In The Fountain
  30. This Is My Corner Of The World
  31. January's A Good Time For Jazz
  32. Spoken Intro
  33. That's The Moment That I Fall In Love
  34. The Day We Met, The Week We Spent
  35. Spoken Intro
  36. Ti Amo Perche
  37. Spoken Intro
  38. E Sempre L'italia Nel Mio Cuore/There Is Always You In My Heart
  39. Opportunities In Misery
  40. Sunshine For Flowers
  41. I Would Really Like To Kiss You But I Can't See Without My Glasses