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Chuck Copenace Group - EP 1
3rd Generation Recordz - Never retreat/ Never Surrender - DIY punk complication
3x3is9 - [Edit]
3x3is9 - C. Bryan - First Album
3x3is9 - C. Bryan - Second Album
8linez - Rubber Bands
12 Eyes - Unit
12:34 - S/T
65 Swimmers - Far Away ep
65 Swimmers - Welcome to the land of. (cassette)
1971 - 1971
1971 - Burning Bridges Before They're Crossed
A La Mode - A La Mode
A La Mode - Perfection Salad
A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder
A.D.D. - A.D.D. and scream@bells
A.D.D. & scream@bells - A.D.D. & scream@bells
Aaron Booth - Our Last Escape
Aaron Booth - Transparent
Aaron Starr - With Sunglasses and a Lighter
Ab Irato - Better Luck Next Time!!!
Abandoned Urge - Abandoned Urge
Absent Sound - Black Dots
Absent Sound - Gathering of the Clan Mothers
Absent Sound - It's All True
Absent Sound - Music to Live and Die To
Absent Sound - Turn them off
Abstract Artform - As the Crow Flies
Abstract Artform - Crows: Remixes, Reboots, and Alternative Versions
Abstract Artform - His Story in the Making
Ache Brasil - Ecos Do Mangue
Adam Hanney & Co. - 12/12
Adam Karch - Crossroad Diaries
Adam Palmer & The Specialest - Lights
Adrien Sala - Diamond In The Mind
Adrien Sala - High Water Everywhere
Adrienne Pierce - Small Fires
Adventures of Buttons the Intergalactic Sleep Dog - Adventures of Buttons the Intergalactic Sleep Dog
Aengus Finnan - North Wind
After All These Years - Louisiana Hayride
Afterbeat, The - Afterbeat
Afterbeat, The - The Balls Out EP
Afterparty - Rain can't stop the fire
Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, The - Saint Hubert
Agriculture Club - Farmageddon
Aidan and The Ultimas - She Says I am crazy
Ainsley Friesen - Doucement
Air Plane Voice - Demo
Airfoil - Airfoil
Akufen - My Way
Al Lerman - Crowe River Blues
Al Simmons - Celery Stalks at Midnight
Al Simmons - Something's Fishy at Camp Wiganishie
Alain Bédard - Auguste Quartet - Homos Pugnax
Alan Curtis - This One Goes to 11
Alanadale - Hypocritters
Alannah Zeebeck - Ghost Letters
Albatross Note - Four Songs fro 18 Ottobre 03 Ore 19
Alchemy - Siren Song
alex giguere - the beatdown
Alex Mortimer - Songs From the Colonies
Alexander McCowan - Present Times
Alexis O'Hara - In Abulia
Alfa - Harmattan
Alien Hybrid - Moriarty
Aliza Amihude - Some New Songs from a Small Girl
All Afternoon - The Long run
All Purpose Voltage Heroes - The End of Daniel Jonathan Poole
All the Kings Men - Sunday Night at the Head
Alpha Couple - Edna Pontellier
Amber Epp - Inside Outside
American Flamewhip - Fingertight
Amici, Jean Stilwell - Amici, Jean Stilwell
Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Haffi Win
Amos Garrett - Acoustic Album
Amy Campbell - Architecture - Live At The Opera House
Amy Honey - Amy Honey
And Rabbits Named Friday - [Sic]
Andre Ethier - Andre Ethier With Christopher Sandes Featuring Pickles and Price
Andrea von Wichert - Here, There & Nowhere
Andrew Courtnage - Langside Lounge Music
Andrew Duke - More Desctructive Than Organized
Andrew Duke - Take Nothing for Granted
Andrew Fraser - All These May Scenes
Andrew Neville and the Poor Choices - Let'r Buck
Andrew Spice - Pretty Demons
Andrew Vincent and The Pirates - I Love the Modern Way
Andrew Walker - Floating Shift
Andy Creeggan - Andiwork II
Andy Stochansky - Shine EP
Anet - Talented Girl
Angela Hewitt - Francois Couperin: Keyboard Music 1
Angela Nepiak - Angela Nepiak
Angelic Upstarts - Sons of Spartacus
Angry Dragons, The - s/t
Animal Kingdom - Vikings
Animal Teeth - Happy to See You
Animal Teeth - Me & You
Animalistics - Demo '09
Animalistics - Run Amuck
Anita Athavale - The First Time
Anita Proctor - Lighter on ther Peddle
Ann Walton - Top of the Hill
Annabelle Chvostek - Water
Anne Hansen - Direct Action: Reflections on Armed Resistance and the Squamish Five
Anne Louise Genest - Trouble
Anthem Red - Dancing on the Dishwasher
Antony and the Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now
Apollo Sunshine - Each Day a Different Sun
Apostle of Hustle - Folkloric Feel
Aradia Ensemble, Kevin Mallon - Wassenaer: Concerti Armonici
Arbra Hill - Stand Tall EP
Arc/Pholde - Eyes in the Back of Our Heads
Armadillo String Quartet - Uncharted
Arnold Faber's Vibre - Blue Comedy
Arrogant Worms, The - Semi-Conducted
Art City (kids) - Emac Back
Artificial Joy - Placebo
Arturo Parra - Parr(A)cousmatique
Arubix - Demo
As the Poets Affirm - The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch
Asado - Asado
Ashes and Dreams - Heart of Stone
Ashley Park - The Secretariat Motor Hotel
Assertion - Powerless
Astarte - Demo
Astre - Wood Songs
AstroCoven - Cold and Dead
AstroCoven - Time Dilation
Atlaas - One
Atomic 7 - ...en Hillbilly Caliente
Atomic 7 - Gowns by Edith Head
Attack. Sustain. Decay - let her feed
Attilan - Dysthymia
Auburn - Blue Ridge Reveille
AUOH - Into Oblivion
AUOH - The Uncanny
Autumn Still - Autumn Still EP
Autumn Still - When It Was
Avignon - The Ground Is Uneven
Awaiting the Answer - Awaiting the Answer
Awilele - Beautiful Nubia and teh Roots Renaisanc Band
B'ehl - Bright Eyes
B.A. Johnston & The Magnificent Sevens - B. A. Johnston featuring the Magnificent Sevens
B.h.u.m. - An experiment in sound
Bad Nerves - Alienate
the bad nerves - alienate
Badpants - Genre Fluid
Ballroom Zombies - Ballroom Zombies
Ballroom Zombies - Jojo
Baron Samedi ESQ - Ecstatic Soul Quintet: Live, No Overdubs
The Baron - Phantasy
Barrymores - New Invasion!
Barrymores, The - All Nighters
Barrymores, The - The Barrymores
Bartok Guitarsplat - As the Universe Unfolds
Barzin - Barzin
Basic Nature - Circles & Lines
Basic Nature - Circles & Lines
Beagle Ranch, The - Starcrossed
Beans - Inner Cosmosis
Bearfight - Screaming at Snakes
beatlenauts - i was there
Beaton Family of Mabou, The - Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music
Beatox - Late Nights
Beautiful Senseless - The Warmest Rain
Bedouin Soundclash - Sounding a Mosaic
Beef Terminal - Crosscheck and Departure
Beef Terminal - Grey Knowledge
Beef Terminal - The Isolationist
Beefdonut - Famous For Quality
Beefdonut - Triple Back Flip Into the Splits
Beekeepers - Letter # One One
Begonia - Lady in Mind
Belinda Bruce - Dream Yourself Awake
Below the Sea - Endings EP
Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats the Tape
Ben Century - Unwanted
Ben Charest - The Triplets of Belleville
Ben Sures - Goodbye Pretty Girl
Ben Sures - Ooh Wah Baby
Ben Tamana - "EP"
benderenos, the - self-titled
Benj funk - looking up
Benowa - We Could Go Away
Benwah - Clonage
Besnard Lakes, The - Volume I
Beth - Beth
Bicycle Face [CAN] - Bicycle Face
Big Dave McLean - Acoustic Blues
Big Dave McLean - Better the Devil You Know
Big Dave McLean - Blues from the Middle
Big Dave McLean - Faded but Not Gone
Big Dave McLean - Outside the Box
Big Dave McLean, The Muddy-Tones - Muddy Waters for President
Big Ethel - "9 hours later"
Big John Bates - Mystiki
Big Sap & the Sugarshack - Same But Different
Big Trouble in Little China - Diamond Cutter
Big Trouble in Little China - Sweet Delirum
Big Trouble in Little China - TBA 8 song Demo
Bill Durst - Hard and Heavy
Bill Hilly Band, The - All Day Every Day
Bill King's Saturday Nite Fish Fry - Jump, Shout-Rock Da House
Bills, The - Let Em Run
Billy & The Lost Boys - Breaking Down the Barriers That Break Down Your Music
Billy Bragg - Tooth & Nail
Billy cromb - The city phenomenal
Billy Joe Green - Fender Bender
Billy Joe Green - Shotgun Wedding Blues
Billy Rockwell - The Mod Parlour Orchestra
Billy Simard - Being Free
Billy Talent - Billy Talent
Bionic - Deliverance
Birthday Tapes - Birthday Wishes Vol. 1
Bison - Demo
Bitchin Camaros, The - The Bitchin Camaros
Black Cloud - Black Cloud
Black Cloud - Sundogs
Black Cloud - Void
black dirt of the west - blck dirt of the west
Black Hour - Rebellion
Black Ox Orkestar - nisht azoy
Black Ox Orkestar - Ver Tanzt?
Black Rice - Contact
Black River Drifters - Hearts Gone Cold
Black Sea Station, The - Transylvania Avenue
Black Tuesday - Hangovers and Bad Decisions
Blair Hordeski Sandwich, The - Fresh Daily Specials
Blair Hordeski Sandwich, The - I Woke Up This Morning
Blasphenaut, The - The Blasphenaut
Blaze - My People
Bleep - Datenbergbass
Blinker The Star - Still In Rome
Bliss - Morning, Noon, and Night
Blisters, The - Are you Awake
The Blisters - Gloves
The Blisters - Insects
Blood Meridian - "We almost made it home"
Blood Music - This Year in Drugs
The Bloody Historians - Cigarette Beach
Bloom - Bloom
Blowholes - Blowholes
Blue Quarter - En*trance
Blue T-Shirt - Gravity & Other Phenomena
Blueprint Gallery - Of Love. Lived and Failed.
blunderspublik - For Back of a Letter Word
blunderspublik - Kittens & Shit
blunderspublik - Kittens & Shit
blunderspublik - odd and end
blunderspublik - S/T
Blurtonia - Blurtonia
Blush - Crowded Alone
Boat/Bridge and Stick - Split Cassette
Boats - Cannonballs, Cannonballs
Boats - Fairway Full of Miners
Boats - A Fairway Full of Miners
Boats - Intercontinental Champion
Boats - Marblemouth
Bob King and family band - how the west was fun
Bob King and the great canadian popcorn band - self titled
Bob the Singing Bass Player - Waiting for Godard
Bobby James - Direction of the World
Bocephus King - All Children Believe in Heaven
Bog River - Hands in the Ground
Bog River - Lost in the Woods
Bokononists, The - Cold. Calm. Blind. Dumb.
The Bokononists - The Dangerously Empty Lives Of Teenage Girls
Bonaduces, The - Democracy of Sleep
The Bonaduces - "K" is For Catherine.
Bonafides, The - Taking Shallowness to New Depths
Borderline Drive - Solid Rock
Bottleneck - Late Nights, Early Mornings
Boy - Boy
Boy - Every Page You Turn
Bradley Boy with Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller - Onitoba
Brady Allard - Days Leave
brady dird - the revival
Brainwashed Proper Citizens - Streetlights in Stereo
Brakada - Brakada
Brandy Zdan - Live at 280
Brandy Zdan & Dave Quanbury - Brandy Zdan & Dave Quanbury
Brat Attack - Destruction Sound System
Brat Attack - One Revolution Per Minute
Break Bread - Break Bread EP
Breath Grenades - Space Rawk Replicas for a Thuggin' Tomorrow
Brent Jarvis - Sequences
Brent Parkin - Vintage Rhythm
Brett Larner, Joelle Léandre, Kazuhisa Uchihashi - No Day Rising
Brian Borcherdt - Moth EP
Broken Orchestra - 1 & 2 Radio Edits
Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It in People
Brooke Palsson - Willow
Brooke Wylie - Don't Waste the Silence
Bros. Landreth, The - Let It Lie
Brothers Creeggan, The - Sleepyhead
Bruce Atchison - Darkness Path
Bruce Hallett - The Shroud
Bruce McCulloch - Drunk Baby Project
Bryn Roberts - Ludlow
Bubba B the MC - Wish My Teacher Was Bubba B: School's in Session
Buck 65 - Language Arts
Buck 65 - Man Overboard
Buck 65 - Secret House Against The World
Buck 65 - Synesthesia
Buck 65 - Talkin' Honky Blues
Buck 65 - Vertex
Buck 65 - Weirdo Magnet
Buckethitch - Filthy Little Savages
Buddha Belly - Live Off the Floor
Buhr Quartet, The - Live at the Academy Road Coffee Co.
Buick Six - Rollercoaster
Bulletproof Nothing - Fizzle and Fade
Bullfrog - Bullfrog
Bumpin' Uglies, The [CAN] - Heart of Gold
Bunk Mustangs - Bunk Mustangs
Burdocks, The - I Have a Million Friends
Buried Inside - Chronoclast: Selected Essays on Time-Reckoning and Auto-Cannibalism
Burnettes, The - We'd Better Be Dreaming
Burnt Out Sun - Burnt Out Sun
Burnt Project 1 - The Avenue
Burnt Project 1 - The Black List
Burnt Witch Survivors Group - Demo
burnt witch survivors group - support ep
Burnthe8track - Ocean
Burquitlam Plaza - Big on Fall
Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment - Mennist to Society
Butterfly Effect, The - Cycle One
Buttermilk 5 - Wookie pa-pa
Buttless Chaps - Love This Time
The Buzzing Bees - Beep Bepp I'm a Jeep
Buzzing Bees, The - You'll Wish You Were Deaf
By Divine Right - Hybrid TV Genii
By Divine Right - Sweet Confusion
C'Mon - Midnight is the Answer
C-Weed - Redemption
Caleb - Crows in the Corn
Cambrian String Quartet - humans in quartet
Camerata Nova - Camerata Nova
Camerata Nova - Christmas in Early America
Camerata Nova - Mystica
Camerata Nova - Nova Noel
Canadian Brass - Sacred Brass: Renaissance Music of Palestrina, Allegri & Gesualdo
Candidates, The - Fame, Fortune & Free Drinks
Cannon Bros. - Cannon Bros.
Cannon Bros. - Dream City
Cannon Bros. - Firecracker/Cloudglow
Cantor Dust - Blind Date
Cantor Dust - The Contaminated Man
Cantor Dust - I Can't Find My Cape
Cantor Dust - Plays the Three Penised Man
Cantor Dust - Safaris I've Been On
Cantor Dust - Swallowed By the Night
Canzona - Amoroso Canto
Canzona - Hallelujah! schoner Morgen
Canzona - Lasst die Herzen immer frohlich
Canzona - Stille Nacht
Cape May, The - Central City May Rise Again
Capenwray - Texas
Cara Luft - Darlingford
Cara Luft - Tempting The Storm
Carey J. Buss - Answer the Bell
Carlos del Junco Band - Blues Mongrel
Carlos Placeres - A los Ancestros
Carly Dow - Ingrained
Carly Maicher - Hiding
Carnations, The - In Good Time
Carolyn Arends - Travelers
Carolyn Mark & The New Best Friends - The Pros and Cons of Collaboration
Carolyn Mark and the Room-Mates - Terrible Hostess
Casati - There Will Be Days
Cash Brothers, The - A Brand New Night
Cash Brothers, The - How Was Tomorrow
Casimiro Nhussi - Gweka
Casimiro Nhussi - Makonde: Roots of Northern Mozambique
Cassidy Mann - Cassidy Mann
Castrati - 20 X 707
Cat Jahnke - Cathartic
cat jahnke - the stories are taking their toll
Catamounts, The - Here's ...The Catamounts
Catamounts, The - St Nuomatac
Catherine Hunter - Rush Hour
Catskill - Heir To The Throne
CC Trubiak - Tiny Army
Cetascean - Cetascean
Chad Allen and the Reflections - Early Roots
Chad Pab - The Arms That Surround Us
Chad Vangaalen - Infiniheart
Chantal Chamberland - Dripping Indigo
Chantal Kreviazuk - Psycho Boot 101
Charlene Pauls and ian hodges - canciones
Charlie Major - Inside Out
Charlie Redstar - Charlie Redstar
Charlie Redstar - Sundog
Charlie, Monster! - The Voice that Suits Us All
Cheatron - All What Missiles, Who Put Up Where?
Cheering for the Bad Guy - Next Year Country
Cheering for the Bad Guy - s/t
Cheering for the Bad Guy - To the Last Drop
Chess Club, Jack Semple & Greg Lowe - Wake Up Time
Chester Knight - Standing Strong
Chet Breau - Lone Pine III
Chez Willi - I Saw The Wolf
Chic Gamine - Chic Gamine
Chic Gamine - City City
Chic Gamine - Light a Match
Chick Maggot - The Worst 20 Minutes* of Your Life: 20 Minutes* You'll Never Get Back
Chickens, The - Bring It On!
Chivas & Kream - Secret Ingredientz
Choclair - Flagrant
Chris Bottomley - Cerebral Lubrication
Chris Carmichael - Chris Carmichael
Chris Field - All the Drugs in the World
Chris Jongkind - Yamanote
Chris MAMA Bauer - A Universe Of Horrors
Chris Page - Decide to Stay and Swim
Christian Bouchard - Fractures
Christine Fellows - 2 Little Birds
Christine Fellows - Femmes De Chez Nous
Christine Fellows - Last One Standing
Chrome Yellow Co. - Red Light Runners
Chromeo - She's in Control
Chromosphere - Red Candy
Chuck Copenace Group - EP 1
Circlesquare - Pre-Earthquake Anthem
Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker
City Champs, The - The City Champs
Civil Disobedients, The - Another Dead Medium
CIVVIE - Inheritance
Claire Bestland - La Moreneta
Claire Morrison - Here's to You, Here's to Me
Clark Bryan - The Piano Music of Remi Bouchard
Clarknova - Annexia
Class Assassins, The - State of Emergency
Class, The - Hates You
Classified - Trial & Error
Clearwater Quartet, The - Matthews: String Quartets
Cliche [CAN] - Folk Yeah
Clint Flick - Winnipeg'd or: How I Learned to Stop Hipstering and Love Domesticated Life
Clipwing - Ashford
Clipwing / Icons Down! - Clipwing X Icons Down!
Clipwing / Icons Down! - Clipwing X Icons Down!
Clive Holden, John Samson, Christine Fellows, Jason Tait - Trains of Winnipeg
Closet Monster - We Rebuilt This City
Clumsy Lovers, The - After the Flood
cocktail hostages - self-titled
Coleco - Sampler
Collington Daley - Enigmatic
Collomb. - Manitoba Roses
Colour By Numbers - The Colour By Numbers EP
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting...
Comeback Kid - Die Knowing
Comeback Kid - Die Knowing
Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead
Compadres - ?Buddy Where You Been?
Complete - Everything You Wanted
Conduct - Fear and Desire
Cone Five - Ants In the Sugar
Cone Five - De-Ionized Water
Cone Five - Fond of
Cone Five - Picture of Wheat
Conjure One - Conjure One
Conrad - Conrad
Constantines, The - Shine a Light
Constantinople - Memoria Sefardi: Musique D'Espagne Juive et Chretienne
Constantinople, Anne Azema - Li Tans Nouveaus
Constellations, The - Our Friend Lazarus Has Fallen Asleep, But I Go Now to Awaken Him From Sleep
Construction - Construction Vol. 1
Consumer Goods, The - Happy Bidet (2007)
Consumer Goods, The - Pop Goes the Pigdog
Contrived - Pursuit of Plots
Controller.Controller - History
Convertible Robots - The Gnomes
Coral Egan, Alex Cattaneo - The Path of Least Resistance
Corb Lund - Modern Pain
Cosmopolitans - It's Cosmopolitan Time!
Cottage Industry - The Winter's Tale
Cottars, The - Made in Cape Breton
Cottars, The - On Fire
Couch Addiction, The - Filthy Hands
Counterrevolutionaries - Almost All the Time
Courier News - Fuxtures
Cowboy Junkies - One Soul Now
Crabskull - Jovian Black Opera
Crackdown vs. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Broken Guitars & Trashy Bars
Craig Simon - Thrice
Crash - The Doctor Is In
Crash Kelly - Penny Pills
Crash Test Dummies - The Ghosts That Haunt Me
Crash Test Dummies - A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dummy
Crash Test Dummies - A Worm's Life
The Creaking Tree String Quartet - Side Two
Cripple Creek Fairies - Cripple Creek Fairies
Crooked Brothers - Deathbed Pillowtalk
Crooked Brothers - Lawrence, Where's your Knife?
Crooked Brothers - Postcard
Crooked Brothers - Thank You I'm Sorry
Crosstown Rivals - EP
Crystal Plamondon - Plus de Frontiers No Borders
Cursed - Two
Curtis Nowosad - Dialectics
Curtis Nowosad - The Skeptic & the Cynic
Cyclist (Electronica) - Double Dip
D & C - E.S.P. Night at the Civic Center
D & C - Play Music
D. Rangers - D. Rangers
D. Rangers - the paw-paw patch
D. Rangers - We Stay High and Lonesome
D.O.A. - Live Free or Die
D.O.A. - War and Peace
d2ur - Rev U Up
DADADADA:Lazers - Whims of Fantasy
Daggers, The - Right Between the Eyes
Daily - In My Corner
Daily Ice Cream Man - 31 Flavors and not a damn ones free
Dak - E4
Dale Morningstar - I Grew up on Sodom Road
Damn 13 - Black Heart Northern Soul
Dan Frechette - Life Without Home
Dan Frechette - Lucky Day
Dan Frechette - Performer
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - Between the Rain
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - New Disguise
Dan Goldman - Through a Revolution
Dan Politano - Back Where I Started
Dan Politano - Solo EP
Dandi Wind - Bait the Traps
Dangercat - To the Moon
Dangercat - Where I'll Be
Daniel Lanois - Belladonna
Daniel Lanois - Shine
Daniel Taylor, Theatre of Early Music - Actus Tragicus
Danishka Esterhazy - The Harper's hands
Danko Jones - Born a Lion
Danny DePoe - Setting Old Standards
Danny Michel - Loving the Alien: Danny Michel Sings the Songs of David Bowie
Danny Michel - Tales From The Invisible Man
Dark Mourning - Dark Mourning
Darkhouse - Mr. Happy
Das Macht Show! - Four Legs Good
Das Macht Show! - One Night in Berlin
Data 80 - Data 80
Dave Barchyn - The Tools You Have
Dave Harris - Playing to the Wall
Dave Quanbury - In the Meantime Let's Attend to Our Pleasures
Dave Quanbury - No Vacancy
Dave Rave Group - Everyday Magic
David Hasselfield - Freeze
David Hasselfield - How to Survive a Nasty Winter: Potted Palm Song
David Hasselfield - Sweet Metigoshe
David Kristian - Sweet Bits
David P. Smith - Hurtin' Dance Party
David St. Germain - My Country Song
Dawson Blaine - Hope On the Shores of Bedlam
Dayglo Abortions - Holy Shiite
DaZogue! - DaZogue!
DD/MM/YYYY - The Blue Screen of Death
Dead Letters - Dead Letters EP
Dead Ranch - Antler Royal
Dead Ranch - Birds of Prey
Dead Ranch - Birds of prey
Dead Ranch - Brumation
Deamon - Synopsis of Sin
Dears, The - No Cities Left
Dears, The - Protest
Dears, The - Thank You Good Night Sold Out
Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Deborah Romeyn - Diamonds in her hands
Deborah Romeyn - Distance in her eyes
Deeds, The - Late O'Clock
Deep Dark United - Ancient
Del Barber - Headwaters
Del Barber - Love Songs For the Last Twenty
Del Barber - Prairieography
Del Barber - Where the City Ends
Del Barber & The Regretzkys - The Puck Drops Here
Del Paxton - Del Paxton
Deleo - Prodigal Son
Delica - What Brought Me to This
Demetra - Lone Migration
Demigod - Amplify
Dennett & De Groot - The Holler
Denzal Sinclaire - Denzal Sinclaire
Departures - Kino-Pravda
Departures - Still and Moving Lines
Depravity Brown - Domestic Depravity
Derek Miller - Music Is the Medicine
Desiree Dorion - Small Town Stories
Desormais - Climate Variations
Desormais - Iambrokenandremade
Despistado - The Emergency Response
Destroyalldreamers - A Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant
Details, The - Draw a Distance. Draw a Border.
The Details - Lost Art
Details, The - The Orginal Mark E.P.
The Details - Strings and Ribbons
Detective Kalita - The Night We Ate the Cake
Devil Splender - Ring the Bells Cause We're Swinging Hammers
Diaga - Diaga
Diamond Joe Dutame - Patience
Diana Krall - Live in Paris
Dingleberries, The - The Dingleberries
Dirtmitts, The - Get On
Dirty Catfish Brass Band - Brass Riot
Disappearing Floor - Footprints Under the Window
Disappearing Floor - Haunted Wallpaper
Disappearing Floor - Kali-Yuga
Diskettes, The - The Diskettes
DJ Beekeeni Vav Jungle - Crash
DJ Brace - China EP
DJ Brace - Electric Nosehair Orchestra
Dj Co-op - Co-operation Vol. 3 - Yahoo Serious
DJ Kinetik - Cosmic Freakout (Part Four) - The Lounge Lxzzard Mixtape
DJ Oxide - Near Sighted Rhythms
DJ Robobeat - Demo
DL Incognito - A Sample and a Drum Machine
Dock Widow - Starlit
Doers, The - Ready, Set...Do: I Can Enjoy Almost Anything
Dominic Duval, Joe McPhee, John Heward - Undersound II
don amero - deepining
don amero - Long Way Home
Don Baxter - A New Kinda Thing
Don Boston - Don Boston
Don Hatcher - Hello Bannatyne
Don Swidinsky - Alberta Rivers
Don Swidinsky - The Great Lakes
Don Swidinsky - Lake Winnipeg Legends
Don Swidinsky - My Newfoundland Journey (cassette)
Don Thompson - Forgotten Memories
Donald Maclellan - Dusky Meadow
Donald Ray Johnson - Pure Pleasure
Dooms - Join Us
Dope Poet Society, The - ProIntelPro: Promote Intelligence Program
Doug and Jess - So Long Alone
Doug Shand - Tribute
Doug Voice - Jumping Through the World: Instrumental Music
Doug Voice - Singer Songwriter
Doug Voice - You Can't Rush Me
Doughboys - La Majeure 1987
Dr. Rage & The Uppercuts - Rage 3
Dream Emissions - Mind Vapours
Drek Daa - just jittering
The Driving Wheel - Private Ear Session
Dropouts, The - The Dropouts
Drugs - Drugs
Drums and Wires - Waiting on the moon
Dry Bones - Dry Bones
Dub Rifles - No Town No Country: EPs and Rare Recordings 1981-1984
Dub Rifles - No Town, No Country
Duckshot Hunter - Yum
The Duhks - Migrations
Duotang - The Cons & the Pros
Duotang - New Occupation
Duotang - Smash the Ships and Raise the Beams
Dust Rhinos - Got Guinness
Dust Rhinos - The Second Set
Dust Rhinos - Up Your Kilt
Dustin Cole - Dig to China
Dustin Harder - Prairie Soul
Duul_Drv - Fade with Consequence
Duul_Drv - S/T
Duul_Drv, Nibo, Vend - Clean
eagle & hawk - life is...
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Eardrums, The - We're Not From Toronto
Easily Amused - Novice
Easily Amused - Simple Stuff
Ed Dufort & Bunch of Squid - The Big Picture
Edgar Breau - Canadian Primitive
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - Frenergy: Music of John Estacio
Eekwol - Apprentice to the Mystery
Effect and Cause - Effect&Cause
Egger - Don't Postpone Joy
Ego Spank - Bootleg
Egyptian Art Strike - Egyptian Art Strike
Eines, The - The Eines
Ekko Green - Molecular Motion
Eldorado - Eldorado
Eleazar vs. John - Pits in the sandblaster
Electric Kingdom - Untold Mixture
Electric Soul - The Light That Burns Beneath
Electric Soul - Second Paradise
Electrics, The - Erotic Magazine Issue #001
Electro Quarterstaff - Swayze
Electrocutionnerdz & Co - Faster computer kill kill remix
Eleni Mandell - Country for True Lovers
Elephant Band - Lessons in Songwriting
Elephant Ensemble - Improvised Rehersal, October 26, 2008
Elessar Thiessen - Head. Heart. Hands.
Elevator - August
Elevator - Darkness Light
Elliott Brood - Tin Type
Ember Swift - Disarming
Ember Swift - Stilt Walking
Emily and the Moon - Ad Astra
Emm Gryner - Songs of Love and Death
Emma Cloney - Something to Say
Emma Cloney - Stars for Streetlights
Employee of the Month - Forever 31
Employee of the Month - Northcoast (Is From the North)
Employee of the Month - Thunderslutpunch
The Empty Standards - s/t
The Empty Standards - Waiting Out The Flood
English Wraith, The - Doppelganger
English Wraith, The - Exiles Pt. 1: "Tristia"
English Wraith, The - Grace in the Blue
English Wraith, The - Loose Leaves
Enjoy Your Pumas - Commonality
Enjoy Your Pumas - Ink: the Ep
Enoch Kent - Love, Lust & Loathing
Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal - Nouveaux Territoires
Epic - Local Only
Equanim - Instrumental Language
Eric & Leon Bibb - A Family Affair
Eric the Great - A Painting Bled
Esthero - O.G. Bitch
Eunuch - Spryville
Eunuch - Swansongs
Evaporators, The - Ripple Rock
Evie - Backwalkover
Evie - It Might as Well Be Spring
Evie - S/T
Evil Pupil - Gallons of Void
Evil Survives - Judas Priest Live
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance - Cassette
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance CD
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance LP
Evil Survives - Powerkiller - Cassette
Evil Survives - Powerkiller - LP
Ex Modern Teen - Teenlion
Ex-Boyfriends, The - Painless Bleeding
Expwy - Expwy
Extra Virgin - Nude Combinations
Eyam - Sub-titled
Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine - All the Beautiful Particles
Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine - Christmas Music For Family or Children
Eyes for Telescopes - Sounds Around Us
F-Holes, The - Angel In The Corner
The F-Holes - Red Hot
F.P. Tranquilizer - Summer Tape
F.P. Tranquilizer // Microdot - F.P. Tranquilizer // Microdot Split
The Fabulous Kildonans - Bottle Rocket
Fake Cops - Absolutely... Your Credit is Excellent but in a Certain Way We Also Need Cash
Falconhawk - Hotmouth
Fallenshort - Proxy in the Making
Fallout - Ontario
Fame - Can't Get Right
Famous Sandhogs, The - Bohonky Tonk
Famous Sandhogs, The - Kahnawpawamakan
Famous Sandhogs, The - Theia's Mammon: Skoni's Ikon
Famous Sandhogs, The - The Tragical Case of the Treasurer Pearson, Episodes 1-3
Fana Soro & Masabo - Solognougo
Fancey - Fancey
Fanny - Come & Get it up your...
Fanny - Fear & Loathing for Dummies
Fanny - Shoebomb Hurricane
Fanny - Strange Planes Spray Cancers on Winnipeg
Farley Mohawk - I Am Happy Here
Farm Fresh - Crazy Friction
Farm Fresh - Time Is Running Out
Farrell Bros, The - Go to Hell
Farrell Bros, The - Rumble @ the Opry!
Fascade@137db - Feedback Promotional
Fascade@137db - The Premonition EP
Fast & Dirty - Live From Our Pants
Fatidic - Fatidic
Federal Lights - Carbon
Federal Lights - Coeur de Lion
Federal Lights - We Were Found in the Fog
Feed the Birds - Catcher
Feist - Let It Die
Fembots - Small Town Murder Scene
Feminists - She Could Be
Femme Generation - Circle Gets The Square
Fernande McNabb - Fernande McNabb
The Fever Breaks - Demo
Few Who Do - S/T
Fidgital - Hit & Run
Field Register, The - Eastern Shore
Field//// - Field////
Fieldtrip - Fieldtrip
Fifty Nutz - The Last Word
Figure Four - Suffering the Loss
Filmmaker - An Invitation to an Accident
Final Fantasy - Has a Good Home
fire & smoke - maiden voyage
Fired Help - Live in Winnipeg
First Day, The - The First Day
First Presbyterian Church Choir Winnipeg - With a Voice of Singing
First Presbyterian Church Choir Winnipeg - With a voice of singing
Flesh Lite - Demo Tape
Flo - Flo
Flo - Pieces of Me
Floor Thirteen - Mmmm!
Floor, The - Autonomy Off/On
Flux A.D. - TransatlanticThoughts
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - Fruit and Ash
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - Hans My Lion
FmSea - Static
Fo!ps - Fo!ps
Fool's Crow - Balancing on a Shadow
For the Mathematics - The New Science
Ford Pier - IC Victory
Forged in Fire - Forged in Fire
Fox + Runner - Sad Songs that Make You Smile
Foxglove - For Your Love
Fred Frith, Anne Bourne, John Oswald - Dearness
Fred Liessens - Fred Liessens' romantic Jazz Kennedy House.
Fred Liessens - Potpourri
Fred Penner - Sing With Fred
Fred Redekop & Jay Taylor - As Julia
Fred Redekop & Jay Taylor - Just Pretend You Don't See Them
Freddie Pelletier & Sheila Lytle - Freddie & Sheila
Freeman - Stereo
Frenetics, The - Grey Veins to the Parking Lot
Frenzee - Overpowered and Unarmed
Friesen and Johnson - The moral universe within
Frith, Derome, Tanguay, Boisen - All is Bright, But it is Not Day
From Both Ends of the Earth - From Both Ends Of The Earth
Front, The - Signs of Life
Fubuki Daiko - Fubuki Daiko
Fubuki Daiko - Zanshin: Leaving the Heart Behind
Fuck the Facts - Promo Winter 2004
FudgeTongue - Super Chicken
Fulnormal - Fulnormal
Furthur - Fink
The Fuse - Brilliant Sun
futurekids - Like Like
futurekids - Say Goodnight to the Machines
futurekids - This Is Everything
G-Men, The - Rehab's for Quitters
Galaxy 4 - Galaxy 4
Ganesh Anandan,Malcolm Goldstein,Rainer Wiens - Speaking in Tongues
Gar Gillies - A Jazz Canvas
Garden Party - Garden Party
Gary Procyshyn - In The Time That Matters
Gaston Gagnon - Live
Gavin Froome - Underground Heroes
Gay, The - The Gay
Gay, The - You Know the Rules
General Rudie - Take Your Place
Geneviève Soly - Graupner: Partitas for Harpsichord, Vol. 1
Gentleman Reg - Darby & Joan
Geoff Berner - We Shall Not Flag or Fail, We Shall Go On To the End
Geoff Berner - Whiskey Rabbi
George Bushes, The - Handsome
George Nyman - Treasure Called Love
Gerald Laroche - Rubato
GFK - If Liberty Isn't Given, It Should Be Taken
Ghislain Poirier - Conflits
Ghislain Poirier, Vitaminsforyou, Montag - Canadian Tour 2004 Promo CD
Ghost Twin - Here We Are In the Night
Ghosts of Modern Man - City of No Light
Ghoststory - Before the Night's Around Me
Giant Sons - Anthology
Giant Sons - Consonance
Giant Sons - Dark Satanic Mills
A Gift of Song - The Winnipeg Male Chorus
Gilles Gobeil + Rene Lussier - Le Contrat (1996-2003)
Gin Taxi - Promo
Gingersnap - Let's Get Violated
Girl Nobody - The Future Isn't What It Used to Be
Girl With The X-Ray Eyes - s/t
Girth, The - The Girth
Girth, The - Sweet Eligible Men
Giving In - Ice Cream
Glen Hoban - I Got Your Danny Boy Right Here, Buddy
Glen McCabe - Dusty Walkin' Shoes
Glen Soderholm - Rest
Glenn Buhr - Learning to Fall
Glenn Gould/The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - WSO Live: Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1
Glenn Love - Cruel Utopia
Glider - Sand From Water
Go Man Go - How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Lo-fi
Godmother - Live 2003
The Gold Mountain - Players' Revue
Golden Famile - Eastern, Cloudy
Goldenhorse - Riverhead
Gone - Darkhouse
Gone - Dysthymia
Gooch - This is Pop?
Good Brothers, The - One True Thing
Gord Taylor - Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos
Gordon Downie - Battle of the Nudes
Gorgon - Corpse Whale
Graham Ord & Dane Stevens - A Good Day with the Blues
Grain Count - Ikeda Built
Grand Analog - Calligraffiti
Grand Analog - Metropolis Is Burning
Grand Master - Omen
Grant Davidson - Dust and Violets
Grant Davidson - Tired Limbs for Ashes
Grant Prosser - Melancholia
Great Uncle Bull - Hello City Limits
Greek Riots - Cavalier
Greenfield Main - Barnburners &Heartchurners
Greg Lowe - Guitar and Bass Sessions
Greg Lowe - Life So Far
Greg Lowe - Thrilled Against my Will
Greg Lowe - The Yellow Pelican
Greg Macpherson - Disintegration Blues
Greg Macpherson - Fireball
Greg Macpherson - Mr. Invitation
Greg MacPherson - Balanced on a pin
Greg MacPherson Band - Good Times Coming Back Again
Greg Milka Crowe - Bhakta Basics
Greg Rekus - The Dude Abides
Greg Rekus - Punkoustic
Grim Skunk - Seventh wave
Grindig - Grindig
Groove FM - 2008 Jazz Sampler
Gross - Incoming Transmission
Gruf - Hopeless
Gryphon Trio, The - Mendelssohn, Lalo: Piano Trios
Gt. Dane - Mourning Yer Host, Gt. Dane
Gt.Dane - Yer Welcome, Gt.Dane
Guerrilla Funk Monster - Triptophonic
Guess Who - Artificial Paradise
Guess Who - The Guess Who
Guess Who - the Guess Who?
Guess Who - Share the Land
Guess Who - Wheatfield Soul
Guido Basso, Doug Riley - A Lazy Afternoon
Guitaro - Futura Black
Guitaro - Guitaro
Gulf of Brass - Hear ye Here ye!
Gumshoe Strut - 52 Pick up
Guthries, The - Guthries, The
Guy Smiley - Alkaline
Guy Smiley - Auger
Guy Smiley - Can't Turn Back
Hainsworth - Makin' the Dream
Hal Brolund - When Hal Freezes Over
Haley Rempel - About Time
Half Baked - Greatest Hits
Half Baked - Satango
Half Court Prayer - Like, Prettk O.K.
Ham - Embassy De Volcanoes
Hana Lulu - Keepsake
Hangedup - Kicker in Tow
Happy Kreter - Paradigm Lost
Harlequin - Love Crimes
Harlots, The - Crawl Spaces
Harris Newman - Accidents With Nature and Each Other
Harris Newman - Non-Sequiturs
Harry Manx - West Eats Meet
Hatcher-Briggs - Getting There from Here
Haunter - 7" + Bonus
Haunter - Lighthouse
Haunter - Rivers & Rust
Haunter - Rivers & Rust
Havocs, The - Bad Day
Hawaii - Hawaii
Hawksley Workman - Lover / Fighter
Hayden - Elk-Lake Serenade
Hayley Gene - Hayley Gene
Head Hits Concrete - Hollowed Out Human Husk
Head Hits Concrete - Thy Kingdom Come Undone
Hearing Trees - Dear Sahara
Hearing Trees - Hearing Trees
Hearing Trees - Puppets
Heartbeat City - Thunder Amongst Us
Heather Bishop - Daydream Me Home
Heaven in Vain - Heaven in Vain
Heavy Blinkers, Orwell - Intercontinental Pop Exchange, Vol. 3
Heavy Blinkers, The - The Night and I Are Still So Young
Heavy Meadows - Heavy Meadows
Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts, The - Heavy Was a Sweater
Heelwalkers, The - The Heelwalkers
Heights, The - The Heights
Helen White - No more dinosaur bones
Helena Infante - Jazz
Hell City Love - Hell City Love
Henry Livingstone - The Curtains are drawn on Closing night and the cast goes out for a drink
Henrys, The - Joyous Porous
The Hermit - Wonderment
Hestons - Strange Sounds
Hey Pilgrim - The Big
Hey Pilgrim - Hey Pilgrim
The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam
Hidden Cameras, The - The Smell of Our Own
Hide Your Daughters - The Teen Girl's Guide to Social Success (2007)
Hide Your Daughters - Twisted And Distorted Gender Relations 101
High Five Drive - Fullblast
High Five Drive - Service Engine Soon
High Five Drive - Something Better
the high thunderers - earth shaker
High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opuses
High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opvses
High Watt Electrocutions - Night Songs
high watt electronics - the bermuda triangle
Hillbilly Burlesque - Crazy Life
Hinode Taiko - Hinode Taiko
Hip Hop Wieners - All Beef, No Chicken
Hip Hop Wieners, Gruf the Druid - Peanuts & Corn: Summer 2002
Hip Shakin' Mama & the Leg Men - Reclaim Your Land
Hip Voodoo - Before the rain stops
Hollerin' Pines - Hollerin' Pines
Holly Andruchuk - Looking for Linko
Holly Ruth and the Grey Jays - Birds
Holy Void [CAN] - For Everything Else
Holy Void [CAN] - Holy Void
Holzkopf - This CD is an Apology
The Home Crew - Fast Rollin' Easy Burnin'
The Home Crew - The Home Crew
Home Team, The - Stay Calm EP
Home Team, The - Time and Place
Honest John - Honest John
Honest John - Loser Friendly
HoneyEyes - Gypsyation
Hoots, The [Manitoba] - Best Wishes
Hoots, The [Manitoba] - S/T
Hope Atlantic - Mercy Street Choir
Hopeful Monster - Hopeful Monster
Hopper 13 - Colonization
The Horribles - You should hate them
Horribly Awfuls, The - We Fight Like the Crips and Bloods
Hostage Life - Sing For the Enemy
Hostile Life - Hostile Life
hostile life - Hostile Life
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown
Hot Hot Heat - Scenes One Through Thirteen
Hot Little Rocket - Our Work and Why We Do It
Hot Live Guys - Robbin' a Bank
House of Mary, The - The House of Mary
Howie Beck - Howie Beck
Huge Trucks, The - The Rock Album
Hugo Torres - Amor Por La Vida
Hugo Torres - Fireflies of the Dawn
Human Music - Sup
humdrum - boring people being bored
The Hummers - Hlusta
The Hummers - s/t
Hummers, The - Save the Jets
The Hummers - Sloo-shy
Hung Up - Runnin' out
Hunji Soundcrew - Peg City Project
Hush Hush - Cinematheque
Hushfeed - ...Without Blinking
Hushfeed - Hushfeed (cassette)
Hypnotech 3 - Prescription Electronics
Ian La Rue - Bull Days
Ian Tyson - Ol' Eon
Ian Tyson - Songs from the Gravel Road
Icis Nizz - Dead Bugs
iD - walk tall
Idrissa Turay aka Alaska - I Can't Stop ...
If I Had a Hi-Fi - Internet Singles
Iks - Abstr/Cncr
Ila Barker - Ila Barker
Illuminati, The - On Borrowed Time
Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew - Pembina
Illusive Mind Gypsy Crew - Vagrant Moth Three
Imaginary Cities - Fall of Romance
Imaginary Cities - Hummingbird
Imaginary Cities - Temporary Resident
Immaculate Machine - The View
Imperial Public Library - S/T
Imperial Public Library - Turn Off the Oven and Get to the Hospital
The Incinerators - Incinerator Party Session
Indian City - Here & Now
Indian City - Supernation
Indicator Indicator - Indicator Indicator
Indicator Indicator - Swarm/Love is Not Enough
Ineffable, The - Nivel Uno
Ingrid D. Johnson - What About Love?
Ingrid Gatin - 1000 Lives
Ingrid Gatin - Broken Tambourine
Ingrid Gatin - Time Will Change Us Volume 1
Inject - Inject
Insaniacs, The - The Insaniacs
Insect Gods - S/T
Inside Out - What is This Thing?
Intakto - Intakto
Ipso Facto - La Spirale de l'Escargot
Isabel Bayrakdarian - Azulao, Bayrakdarian
Isabel Bayrakdarian - Cleopatra
Isabel Bayrakdarian / Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - Troubadour & the Nightingale
It's All In the Mind - It's All In the Mind
J T King - Ruby River
J. Riley Hill - The Devil is in The Details
J. Williamez - Greatest Hits Debut
J.C. Campbell - Lazy James
J.P. Hoe - The Dear John Letters
J.P. Hoe - The Here in Review EP
J.P. Hoe - Hideaway
J.P. Hoe - Live Beta Project
J.R. Hill - Cow-Wow
J.R. Hill - His head on fire
J.R. Hill - A Last Word From a Hooded Wink
J.R. Hill - Plasticine Jellybean
J.R. Hill - Thing on Hill (pillman)
J.R. Hill - With Figurine
j57 - digital society
Jackpine - Brand New Good Old Days
Jackpine - Cabbage
Jackson Gabriel - The Prime Ordeal
Jacques Despres - Joseph Martin Kraus: Complete Piano Music Sonatas
Jah Cutta - Determination
Jahranimo - Real Life
Jakalope - It Dreams
Jake Chenier - Walking in the Sun
James Cohen - High Side of Lowdown
James Culleton - Vanished Days
James Ehnes - Homage (CD & DVD)
James Ehnes - Wieniawski, Sarasate
James Ehnes/Andrew Russo - John Adams - Road Movies
James Ehnes/Andrew Russo - Schoenfield: Four Parables/Four Souvenirs/Cafe Music
james keelaghan - a few simple verses
James Struthers - James Struthers
James Van Norman - A Mile In Their Shoes
Jamie Rumley - What Are You Waiting For
Jamoeba - Random Acts of Kindness
Jana Ting & Aiza Luna - Jade & Pearl
Jane Bunnett - Cuban Odyssey
Jane Enkin - Selections (demo)
Janice Finlay - Anywhere But Here
Janice Finlay - She's Hip
Janzen Boys, The - Roads
Jarrett Lobley Project, The - Better Days
Jarrett Lobley Project, The - Get It Out
Jarvis Neo & the Changing Landscapes - Roy-ta Down By the Schlog Schlock
Jason Collett - Motor Motel Love Songs
Jason Gordon - Born to Be
Jason Kirkness - Life on the Road
Jason Neufeld - Kentucky Waterfall: A Love Story for Cynics
Jason Wilson & Tabarruk - Dread & Blue: A Canadiana Suite
Jaw - Swings Human
Jaxon Haldane - Self-Titled
Jay Ewert - Unfinancial
Jay McShann - Goin' to Kansas City
Jay Semko - Mouse
Jay Stoller - Drum Time 3: That's Odd
Jay-Jay & Friends - Sittin' Here
Jaylene Johnson - Not Forgotten
Jaylene Johnson - Potter & Clay
Jaymez - If it Moves, Kiss It
Jazzberry Ram - Landshark
Jazzstory - Jazzstory
JD and the Sunshine Band - JD and the Sunshine Band
JD and the Sunshine Band - Soaking Up the Rays
The JD Edwards Band - Roads and Roads
Jean Pierre Zanella - Mother Tree
Jeari Czapla - Dear Leonardo
Jeari Czapla - Dolce
Jeari Czapla - For Ella
Jeen O'Brien - Can't Get It Out of My Head
Jeff Johnston - Nuage
Jeff Presslaff - The Complete Rebirth of the Cool
Jeff Presslaff Trio - Red Goddess
Jeffie Genetic & His Clones - Need a Wave
Jeffrey & Humphrey - The Smartest
Jekyll & The Hydes - Roll On
Jen Kraatz - Ashes
Jennifer Foster - Fit For Mars
Jenny Allen - If I Fall
Jenny Berkel - Gather Your Bones
Jenny Berkel - Here on a Wire
Jeremy Fisher - Back Porch Spirituals
Jeremy Proctor - Jeremy Proctor
Jeremy Proctor - Sundays and Mondays
Jeremy Proctor - These Two Shoes
Jeremy Proctor EP - S/T
Jeremy Prouty - Rock or be Rocked
Jerk with a Bomb - Pyrokinesis
Jerry Granelli - Sandhills Reunion
Jess Reimer - Nightjar & The Garden
Jesse Cook - Free Fall
Jesse Cook - Gravity
Jesse Cook - Nomad
Jesse Cook - Tempest
Jesse Cook - Vertigo
Jessie Can't Swim - Jessie Can't Swim (Cassette)
Jeszcze Raz - Balagane
Jet Set Satellite - End of an Era
Jet Set Satellite - Vegas
jeTprojecTlabs &T.LeChe - The Broken Boy
Jets Overhead - Jets Overhead
JFK & The Conspirators - Mash Up the Dance
Jhean Lucc - Mixup
Jicah - Jicah
Jim Bryson - The North Side Benches
Jim Bryson & the Weakerthans - Falcon Lake Incident
Jim Byrnes - Fresh Horses
Jim Elders - First Fear
Jim Guthrie - Morning Noon Night
Jim Guthrie - Now, More Than Ever
Jodi King - Little smile
Jodie Borle - And then I did...
Jody Glenhan - Focus Pull
Jody Weger - on land & living
Joe Lapinski - Here Are the Postcards I Forgot to Send You
Joe Silva - Purespace Trax Vol. 2
Joe Silva - Trax for Cats
Joel Fafard - Rocking Horse
Joel Plaskett - La De Da
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Truthfully Truthfully
Joey Landreth - Whiskey
Joey Wright - Camp
John Butcher, Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak - Equation
John Ford - Bullets for Dreamers
John Guliak - 7 Stories & 13 Songs
John Guliak, The Lougan Brothers - The Black Monk
John K. Samson - City Route 85 7'' ep
John K. Samson - Provincial
John K. Samson - Winter Wheat
John Mann - Acoustic Kitty
John Smith - Growing Pains
John Smith - Pinky's Laundromat
Johnny Gawd - Batgirl
JohNNy SiZZle - Home Sweet Home
JohNNy SiZZle - I Took Drugs
JohNNy SiZZle - I'm Sorry, Am I?
JohNNy SiZZle - Joker's Delight
JohNNy SiZZle - MetamorpheSIZ
JohNNy SiZZle - Nobody at the Punk Shoo (cassette)
JohNNy SiZZle - Recovery
JohNNy SiZZle - This One's for the Kidz (cassette)
JohNNy SiZZle - Whatever Endeavor
JohNNy SiZZle - You Fuckin Fascist / $alomallacumb [cassette]
Johnny Zhivago - Microalbum
Jon Delerious - No Warning
Jon Epworth - MM/DD/YY
Jon Langford & the Sadies - The Mayors of the Moon
Jon McPhail and His Family Band - Hummmmm
Jon-Rae Fletcher and the River - The Road
The Jonah Stone - Kicking at the Smoke
Jorane - The You and the Now
Jordsy - The Make Believe EP
Jordsy - Shlines
Josh Martinez - Buck Up Princess
Jou Tou - Musik inter Kultur
JP Hoe - Hideaway
Julian West - Acadia Nights
Julie Biggs - My Loving Days
Julie Biggs - Passions: Art of Seduction
Julie Doiron - Goodnight Nobody
Julie Mahendran - Never Do Without You
Julie Parrell - Things I Should'a Said Last Week
Julie Penner - Julie Penner
June Killing Stones - Little Portents
Junglist - Moving On (featuring PHL)
Junior Blue - In the Search of Solid Gold
Junior Pantherz - Ballistics
Justin Curtis - Talk Talk Talk
Justin Lacroix Band - Justin Lacroix
Justin Lacroix Band - s/t
JW-Jones Blues Band, The - Bogart's Bounce
K-Os - Joyful Rebellion
K-Rec - Disque Jockey
k.d. lang, K. D. Lang - Hymns Of The 49th Parallel
Kahlil - Mantra Wars
Karen Barg Camacho and Wes Elias - Autumn Leaves Recital
Karen Barg Camacho and Wes Elias - Fall Recital - 2001
Karen Hammarstrand - Late Blooming
Karen Kosowski - Optimist Party
Karen Kosowski - Planet
Karen Kosowski - Promotional Demo
Karl Stobbe - Ysaye - Sonatas for Solo Violin
Karmafarm - Out of the System
Karrnnell Sawitsky & Daniel Koulack - Fiddle & Banjo: Tunes from the North, Songs from the South
Kasuals, The - Hate Me
Kataklysm - In the Arms of Devastation
Kataklysm - Serenity in Fire
Kate Maki - Confusion Unlimited
Kate Maki - The Sun Will Find Us
Katherine Penfold - Journals
Kathleen Edwards - Back to Me
Kathleen Edwards - Failer
Katie Murphy - Exes & Uh Ohs
Kaya - Little Bit
Kayla Luky - Back to Dirt
Kayla Luky - The Time It Takes
Kazuhiro Koizumi, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - Songs of Paradise
Kazzoshay - Dreamscape
Kazzoshay - Eons
Kazzoshay - s/t
KD & the Stratahonkeys - EP
Keep Yourself Good Company - Kingdom Shiny Sparkly
Keith and Leane - All That's Left
Keith And Renee - Best Day
Keith and Renée - detour
Keith Dyck's - Big Idea
Keith Dyck's - The rock and other hard places
Keith Price - Breakfast of Champions
Keith Price - Solo Guitar
Keith Price Double Quartet, The - The Keith Price Double Quartet
Keith Price Trio, The - Live at 101.5 UMFM
Keith Price Trio/Quintet, The - Gaia/Goya
Kele Fleming - Songs From the Tinforest
Kelly Brock - Dirty Dishes
Kelly Dueck - Ground Speed
Ken Gregory, Shawn Pinchbeck, Steve Heimbecker - Sonic Waking
KEN mode - Entrench
KEN mode - Mennonite
Ken Mode - Mongrel
Ken Mode - Reprisal
KEN mode - Success
Kenny Morin - Buffalohunter
Keri Latimer - Crowsfeet and Greyskull
Kerri Woelke - Where We Were
Kerry Krishna - Kerryosity
Kettle Black, The - Was Wollen Sie Mehr?
Kevin Roy - Heartworn Highways
Kevin Roy - Taller Than the Trees
Khraken - Captivate
Kia Kadiri - Feel This
Kicker, The - First Word, Last Place
Kid adojah kapone - Captive
Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's
Kid Sniper - Landlocked
Kids and Heroes - Kids and Heroes
Kids On Fire - Self-Titled
Kieran West & His Buffalo Band - Riverwood Avenue
Kill Star - Love Suicide Machine
Kill Star - Threshold
Kilowatt - Currents
Kilowatt - Kilowatt Sampler
Kim Barlow - Luckyburden
Kim Beggs - Streetcar Heart
Kim Wright - Everyday That Scares You
King Cobb Steelie - Destroy All Codes
Kiran Ahluwalia - Beyond Boundaries
Kitcheneers - S/T
Kittens - Bazooka And The Hustler
The Kittens - The Night Danger Album
Klaxon Gueule - Grain
The Klezmer Kids - The Terkisher and Other Delights
Knuckleduster - 3 Song Primer
Knuckleduster - Epidemic
Knucklehead - Hostage Radio
Knut Haugsoen - One Day's Growth
Knut Haugsoen - Shakti
Knut Haugsoen - Step And A Half
Kozmik Babylon - Kozmik Babylon
Kraink - Roi
Kram Ran - For Love No Matter
Kram Ran - When I Move
Kramdens, The - Quiet Collision
Krazy Madness - Just for the Hell of It!
Kristi Johnson Band - That Would Be Fine
Kristin Sweetland - Root, Heart & Crown
Kristoph Franz - Joshua and the Monk
KrushFX - Lip Service
Kybosh - Serotonin
Kye Marshall Jazz Quartet - Say When
Kyle Dubois - Cocaine Country
Kyp Harness - The Floating World
L'Attack - Before We Were Millionaires
L'Ensemble Pierre Labbe - Risque et Pendule
lache cercel and the roma swing ensemble - muzika konkordo
LaConnor - LaConnor
Ladybird Slideshow - Live at the Orange Lounge
Laika - Somnia
Lakes and Pines - Peace Comes at Last
Lal - Warm Belly High Power
Landshark (Of the Forest) - Booze Your Delusion
Lanes, The - Meltdown
Lanes, The - You & Your Ideas
Lanikai - Self Titled
Larisa Segida - I-Migrations: Pyschedlic Story
Larry Roy, Stefan Bauer - Summer's Embrace
Last Ditch on the Left - Last Ditch on the Left
Last Step - Sleep
Last Step (Venetian Snares) - 1961
Latka - My Bright Heart
Laura Enns - Nothing to Prove
Laws, The - Two
Lawsuit - Bad Boys of Rock
Lawsuit - Three the Hard Way
Lazyhorse - Lazyhorse
Lazyhorse - Lazyhorse demo
Lazyhorse - Lazyhorse II
Leaf Rapids - Lucky Stars
lebeato - mania
Lederhosen Lucil - Tales from the Pantry
Lee Hutzulak - Princess Builder
Legion of Liquor, The - The Legion of Liquor
Legroom - Legroom
the Lemons - Out of Season
Len Bowen - Goin Away Party
Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather
Leonard Shaw - Barely Blue
Leonard Shaw - Living Room
Leonard Sumner - Rez Poetry
Les Architekts - Dig Your Roots/Decouvre Tes Racines
Les Breastfeeders - Déjeuner sur l'herbe
Les Georges Leningrad - Deux Hot Dogs Moutard Chou
Les Georges Leningrad - Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo
Les Jardiniers - Train to Reofa
Les Jupes - Modern Myths
Les Jupes - Negative Space
Les Jupes - Some Kind of Family
Les Marmottes Aplaties - Decadents
Les MOD's - Bang Sister Bang
Les Mouches - You're Worth More to Me Than 1000 Christians
Les Poules - Prairie Orange
Les Sexy - S/T
Les Surveillantes - The Square Root of the Heart
Les Tabernacles - Born Ready
Les Tireux d'roches... - ...papier,ciseaux
Lesbians on Ecstasy - Lesbians on Ecstasy
Lesismore - At Last
Leslie Alexander - Savage Country
Lets Get Invisible - Pamplemousse
Lev Snowe - Drifting Off
Levy Abad - Never Give Up: Canadian Experience Vol. 2
Levy Abad - Rhythms of Compassion: Canadian Experience Vol. 3
Lewsh Project - Lewsh Project
Liam Lewis-Sing - 2014 + 2015
Licanantay - Sounds of the Americas (cassette)
Life Advice - The Science of Succe$$
Lilia - Radio Friendly
Limblifter - I/O
Lindsay Jane - Lovers find Reasons
Lindsay Pawlyk - Coil
Lindsey White - Renegade
Lindsey White - This Is Now
Lindy Vopnfjord - Young Waverer
Liptonians - Let's All March Back Into the Sea
Liqurd - Liqurd
Lisa Marie Tucker - Solo Harp
Litterbug - Hollis
Litterbug - Kaiser
Little Black Lungs - So Long to the Rat Race
Little Hawk - Home and Native Land
Little Hawk - Vigilance
Little House - Animal Sounds
Little House - Right Arm
Little Miss Moffat - Miss Canada
Livestock - Livestock
Living Hour - Living Hour
Lo and the Magnetics - A Part
Local Rabbits, The - This is it Here We Go
Lois Gillespie - Lois Gillespie
Lola Dutronic - The World of Lola Dutronic
The Lonely Flight - The Lonely Flight
Lonely Vulcans - Demo '07
Lonely Vulcans - Night Date
Lonely Vulcans - Vulcan Cesspool
Lori Cullen - So Much
Lori Freedman - Huskless! Lori Freedman live in concert
Lori Freedman - À un Moment Donné
Lorrie Matheson - You Should Know By Now
Los Furios - Warning Shot
Loscil - Submers
Lovebread - How to care for an Unconscious Person (cassette)
Lovedaddys, The - Act I from the Death of Thomas Lovedaddy
Lovedaddys, The - The Death of Thomas Lovedaddy
The Lovedaddys - Mr. Popularity and other short works
Low Frequency, Pilot - Low Frequency, Pilot
The lower companions - Lock and step
Lowest of the Low - Sordid Fiction
Lubomyr Melnyk & Deborah Judith - The Concert for World Inner Peace
Lucie Idlout - E5-770: My Mother's Name
The Ludes - The Ludes
Luke Doucet - Outlaws: Live and Unreleased
Luke Doucet and the White Falcon - Steel City Trawler
Luke Jacob - Comforts
Lyle E Style - Singled Out
Lynn Olagundoye - Africa Violet
Lytics, The - The Lytics
The Lytics - They Told Me
Lyzie Burt - Cigarettes and You
M&M Meats - Runners Love
Mad Young Darlings - Creaturette
Madcaps - Whole World
Madd Scientists - Antenna Town
Madrigaia - Pleiades
Madrigaia - Viva Voce
Madrigal - Reverie
Maggi May Robinson - It Hurts Me Too
Maghan Campbell,Chris Connelly, Keith Olsen - hot panda
Magneta Lane - The Constant Lover
Magneta Lane - Dancing With Daggers
The Magnificent Sevens - All Kinds of Mean
The Magnificent Sevens - Dirty Roads
Magnum K I - s/t
Mahogany Frog - D05
Mahogany Frog - The Living Sounds of Mahogany Frog
Mahogany Frog - Mahogany Frog Vs. Mabus
Mahogany Frog - ON BLUE
Mahogany Frog - Plays the Blues
Mahogany Frog - Senna
Maiko Watson - Sweet Vibration
Mailman's Children, The - Maritime Sun
Mailman's Children, The - Stranger Things
Maintaintheta - Maintaintheta
Make Me Pretty - Gentleman Reg
Mal Magorel - Malfunktion
Malajube - Le Compte Complet
Malefaction - Crush the Dream
Malefaction - Man Grows Old
Malefaction - Smothered
Malefaction - Where There Is Power There Is Always Resistance
Malefaction - Worship Nothing
Mallory Knox - Pus Crunk Luv
Mama Cutsworth - ...Unemployed In Greenland
Mamagaroove - Fruit of the Groove
Mandarins - Shiver-EP
Mandatory Death - Clashing of the Swords
Manic Depressors - Demo
Manic Shakes - Manic Shakes
Manitoba Aboriginal Artists - s/t
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - 25th Anniversary limited edition live recording
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - A Britten Serenade
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - Canadian Music for Chamber Orchestra
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - Gerald Finzi: Meditation
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra - Sea Sketches: Walters, Walton, Williams, Warlock
Mannlicher Carcano - Infinite Monkeys
Mantler - Landau
Maps of the Night Sky - Twilighters EP
Marble Index, The - The Marble Index
Marc Atkinson Trio, The - II
Marc Clement - Crooked Journey
Marc Destrube, Pacific Baroque Orchestra - Haydn: Concertos G, C & A
Marcel Soulodre - Que je recommence
Marco Castillo - Brazilian Season
Marco Castillo - Trip to Brazil
Marco Castillo - Zabelê
Margaret Fonseca - Primal Virtue
Margaret Fonseca - Primal Virtue
Marguerite's Ride - promo mix
maria mango - north star road
Mariachi Ghost - Machete EP
Mariachi Ghost - Mariachi Ghost
Marianne d'Elia - Stay Another Night
Marie-Claude McDonald - The Beating of My Drum
Mariko - Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts
Marilyn Lerner - Luminance
Marilyn Lerner, David Wall - Still Soft Voiced Heart: New Yiddish Lieder
Mark Bannister - Been Here Before
Mark Haines & Tom Leighton - Hand to Hand
Marnie Mains - Marnie Mains
The Marquis' - Meet me at the mountain
Martin R. Howell - Lover or Psycho
Martin Samoiloff - Peace of Mind
Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshihide - 1. GRRR
Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshihide - Martin Tetreault & Otomo Yoshihide
Martin Tielli - Operation Infinite Joy
Mary Ancheta - Live Life
Mary Jane Stole My Girl - Mary Jane Stole My Girl
Mary Jane Stole My Girl - Welcome to the Cassette Tape Nation
Mas Headspace - Saffron Airfield
Mason Rack Band - NightTrain
Matadors, The - The Devil's Music
Matt Epp - Careful Abandon
Matt Epp - Learning to lose control
Matt Epp - Love In Such Strong Words
Matt Epp - Luma
Matt Epp - Orphan Horse
Matt Epp - Ready in Time
Matt Epp - safe or free
Matt Epp - You'll find me alone
Matt Mays - Matt Mays
Matt Ward - Thrift Shopping
Matte Epp & Amorian Assembly - At Dawn
Matthew A. Wilkinson - sSs
Matthew Barber - Means & Ends
Matthew Carter - From South Furby
Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Camille Saint-Saens, Wendy Chen, James Ehnes - Ravel, Debussy, Saint-Saens: Works for Violin and Piano
Maximum RNR - Maximum RNR
Maximum RNR - Maximum RNR
Maykings, The - Seven Years
Mayor Matt Allen & the D. Rangers - Mayor Matt Allen & the D. Rangers
mayor matt allen & the little buddies - the life and times of christian banks
mayor matt allen & the little buddies - Sisters and brothers
Mcenroe - The Convenience EP
Mcenroe - Disenfranchised
McEnroe - The Ethics ep
Mcenroe & Birdapres - Nothing is Cool
McGillicuddy Sisters - Hillbilly Hi-Jinx
Mean Red Spiders - Still Life Fast Moving
Meander - Meander (cassette)
Meatrack - Bitten and Unconscious
Meatrack - Meatrack
Mecca Normal - The Family Swan
The Melancholy Angels - The Melancholy Angels
Mello Man - Child of the Universe
Mellonova - Slightly Happy
Memorial Fund - Memorial Fund
Memphis - I Dreamed We Fell Apart
Men in Kilts - Men in Kilts
Merch Table Delight - Back to Lo-Fi (2007-2012)
Merch Table Delight - Scandals (In Sandals)
Merch Table Delite - MTD EP
Merch Table Delite - Unaired Pilot Episode
Mesha and the spanks - MMMADE FOR ME
Metalwood - Chronic
Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Mia Sheard - Anemone
Micah Erenberg - Poor Mic's Toe
Micah Visser - The Moon In a Jar
Michael Brown - The Journey
Michael Cain - Sola
Michael Conway Baker - Hope's Journey
Michael Conway Baker - Music of Michael Conway Baker
Michael Conway Baker - Savage Land
Michael Conway Baker - Washington Square
Michael Fleischmann - For All the Times
Michael Jerome Browne & The Twin Rivers String Band - Michael Jerome Browne & The Twin Rivers String Band
Michael Kaeshammer - No Strings Attached
Michael Kaeshammer - Strut
Michael Peters - Etherised
Michael Peters - S/T
Michael R. Wilson - Echoes
Michael R. Wilson - Rue
Michael Rockznik - Best Hits
Michael Rocznik - Seven Kinds of Smoke
Michelle Gregoire - Diversity
Michelle Gregoire - Reaching
Mico - Our Living Language
Mico - Outside the Unbearable Grows
Microbunny - Dead Stars
Microdot - Lamps Not Amps
Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak - Relay
Mike J.T. Melnyk - Originals --- Rock-Onicles: 1983-2003
Mike Petkau - Parapet
Mike Plume - Rock & Roll Recordings: Volume 1
Mike Rocznik - Best Hits
Mike Rocznik - The Darkside
Mike Rocznik - New Wave Grunge
Mike Stevens, Raymond McLain - Old Time Mojo
Mike Swickis - iGLu
Mike Trike - Apartment 18
Million Dollar Marxists - Give It a Name
Million Dollar Marxists - Million Dollar Marxists
Mindstorm - Mindstorm III
Minglers, The - Ca va bien, today?
Minglers, The - The Minglers
Ministers of Cool, The - S/T
Minority Justice League - Vs. Power
Mira Sahay - Mira Sahay (cassette)
Mise en Scene - Desire's Despair
Mise en Scene - Late Night Triple Feature
Mise en Scene - Still Life on Fire
Miss Rae & The Midnight Ramblers - Big Boned Woman
Mitten Claps - Mitten Claps
MJB - Naive ville
Mobina Galore - Cities Away
Modern Ruins - The Wormwood EP
Modulo-2 - Smile and Nod Full Trax
Mohair Sweets - Dream Filled Nights
Mohair Sweets - The Ronnie Lane Tribute EP
Mohair Sweets - You Better Read Before You Sign
Moira [CAN] - Lost in the Sky
Molasses - A Slow Messe
Molasses - Trouble At Jinx Hotel
Moledebater - Stating The Obvious
Molly Johnson - Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson - Molly Johnson
Monica Bailey & Leslie McInnis - Fiesta
Monica Schroeder - Orbit
Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir - Jubilation VIII/A Cappella Plus
Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir - Jubilation, Vol. 9: Goin' Up Yonder
Monuments Galore - 12"
Monuments Galore - Always on my mind 12"
Monuments Galore - Colour Depth & Field
Monuments Galore - Monuments Galore
Monuments Galore - Young Girl Generation
Mood Ruff - Antarctica: Cold Cold World EP
Mood Ruff -
Moon Drummers - Soul Medicine
Moon Tan - The Faceless Knight
Moon Tan - Moon Tan
Moon Tan - New Age Renegade
moonlighters, the - self-titled
Moral Hazard - Another Chance to Practice Wasting Your Time
Morbidity Mortality - Dysfunctional Level of Conflict
More Plastic - What are yr colours now
Mortimer - De Eclectic Mixes
Mose Scarlett - Precious Seconds
Moses Mayes - Moses Mayes & the Funk Family Orchestra
Moses Mayes - Needle To The Groove
moses mayes - rock it so hard EP
Moses Mayes - second ring
Moss Monkey - S/T
Mossman & Bunny - Message in the Dub
Motel 75 - S/T
Mother of Pearl - She Bop! A Century of Jazz Compositions by Canadian Women
Motherfuckers - Classless Society
Motörhead - Dead End Boys
Mountainside Band, The - The Mountainside Band
Mouth Boat - Spiritualism
Mr. Plow - It's plow or never
Muddy River Stringers - Life's Too Short
Mudmen - Overrated
Mulligrub - Soft Grudge
Multidimensional - Harmony
Mung - Careful What You Ask For
Mung - We Who Sleep
Music Barock Ensemble - S/T
Musica Intima - Invocation
Musica Speciale - Collective Groove Concert
The Musical Offering - Haydn at Home
The Musical Offering - The Lily & The Rose
The Musical Offering - Red River Rendez-vous
Mutt - How To Keep Cool For Less Money
Mysterio - Agent000
The Myth - Dream Harbour
Mythos - Eternity
Nadia Douglas - Nadia Douglas
Nagasaki Fondue - Liberation of Machine Libido
Name with no sound - Driving
Nancy Walker - When She Dreams
Nancy White - Stickers on Fruit
Nasty On - Citysick
Natasha Barrett - Isostasie
Nathan - Casserole
Nathan - Jimson Weed
Nathan - Key Principles
Nathan - Stranger
Nathan Rogers - The Gauntlet
Nathan Rogers - Nathan Rogers (cassette)
Nathan Wiley - Bottom Dollar
National Anthem - Sing Along if You Know the Words
National Monument - National Monument EP
nattymari - ARAB/ESC
Naw - Green Nights Orange Days
Naw - The Resound of a Foggy Autumn Fall
Naysa - Losing Weight EP
Naysa - Songs We Recorded In Our Basement
Naysa - Songs We Recorded In Our Basement
Naysa - Troubled Heart Ep
Neil Leyton - From the Brighter Side of Her Midnight Sun
Neil Watson - Move
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Greendale
Neko Case - Blacklisted
Nemo - In Stereo
Nervous Lugers - Nervous Lugers
Nestor Wynrush - Trinnipeg !78
Neutron Stars, The - Home's Not Where the Heart Is
Neutron Stars, The - Home's Not Where the Heart is
Nevertheless - The Medium is the Message
New Car Smell - Favourite Century
New Customs, The - All Walls Fall
New Deal, The - Gone Gone Gone
New Jacobin Club, The - Retake The Throne
New Meanies, The - Highways
New Pornographers, The - Electric Version
New Red River Rebellion - Discount Everything
New Wild, The - The New Wild
Nic Dyson - Where We're From
Nick Cuda - The Guitar in the window
Nicky Mehta - Weather Vane
Nicole Byblow - Unabashed
No Birds - Don't Rely On Dying Young
Noble Thiefs, The - Beyond The 11th Deck
Noble Thiefs, The - EP
Noble Thiefs, The - Got It Made/ When You're In Love
Noble Thiefs, The - It's Tough to Be the Bad Guy
Nobs, The - The Nobs
None the Wiser - Magic and Wonder
None the Wiser - Smoke and Mirrors
Norbert Kraft, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - Rodrigo: Concerto de Aranjuez; Villa-Lobos: Five Preludes
Norman Nawrocki - Duckwork
Norman Walker - T Time: Time Tested Tales, Tall and True
A Northern Chorus - Spirit Flags
Northern Wind - Whispering Winds
NorthernBlues Gospel Allstars - Saved!
Nostrils, The - Nostrophilia: The Dreaded Re-Issue
Not By Choice - Seconhand Opinions
Not Half - C-Division
Not Half - Escape From Punk Island
Not Half - I Want It To Be 1983 Again
Not Half - Noise
Not Half - noise3
Not Half - Radioactive Monster Cats From Planet XLG-5
Not Half - Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before...
not quite lucy - s/t
Notes From Underground, The - The Notes From Underground
noumenon - sound validity
Nova - midnight midnight
Novelty Salesmen - Novelty Salesmen
Novillero - Brindleford Follies
Novillero - A Little Tradition
NQ Arbuckle - Hanging the Battle-Scarred Pinata
october - october
Odanah - Blood and Sour Mash
Of Human Bondage - the Goat Sessions Vol. 1
Of Human Bondage - The Goat Sessions vol. 2: Antichristondom, a revelation
Off the Wagon - S/T
Oh My Darling - In the Lonesome Hours
Oh My Darling - Love Shack
Oh My Darling - Sweet Nostalgia
Oh My Darling - Venez Danser
Oh Susanna - Oh Susanna
OhGr - Sunnypsyop
Oktars - Oktars Christmas Time
The Oktars - Like a Squawking Ducks!
Old Folks Home - I HAte Dell, an EP
Old Harper - The Last of the Red Hot Bootleggers
Old Harper - S/T
Old Harper - This One's for the Children
Old Man Angst - Old Man Angst
Old Reliable - Pulse of Light Dark Landscape
Old Seed - Old Seed Loves You!
the old soul - the old soul
Oldfolks Home - Black & Blue
Oldfolks Home - we are the feeding line
Oleg Pokhanovski - Solo Violin
Oliver Schroer - Camino
Oliver Schroer - A Million Stars
Oliver Schroer and the Stewed Tomatoes - freedom row
Olvier Jones & Hank Jones - Pleased To Meet You
on the fly - on the fly
Once And For All - Once And For All
One After the Crow - One After the Crow
One Blue Door - Live at Chiwallabogafest
One Day September - One Day September
One Nite Only - ...On Tap
One Nite Only - One Nite Only
One of these Days - this time, it's different
Operation Makeout - Hang Loose
Opiate - Skinny Man (cassette)
Orchestre Metropolitain du Grand Montreal - Nino Rota, La Strada, Concertos
Orchid Highway, The - Warm Glow Falling Fast (cassette)
Organ, The - Grab That Gun
Organ, The - Sinking Hearts
Organizers, The - Grannysmith b/w David Watts
Original Soup - Here We Are
Oscar and his Grupo Sabor - Latino Forever
Oscar Lopez - Armando's Fire
Oshima - The Age of Shapes
Other Brothers - Everything can Change
The Other Brothers - Points of View
Ox - Dust Bowl Revival
Ox, Kid Lightning - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 6
Ozconscious - Leave Your Self Behind
Ozconscious - Other Self
Ozconscious - Summer from the Basement
Painted Thin - Clear, Plausible Stories
Painted Thin - Still They Die of Heartbreak
Palm Trees - Demos 2013
Palooka - Shrimp Ring
Pants - Dunning-Kruger Sessions Vol.1
Papa Mambo - Amanecer
Papa Mambo - Crooked Cha
Paper Moon - 3 Song Demo
Paper Moon - Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day
Paper Moon - One Thousand Reasons to Stay...One Reason to Leave
Paper Moon - Only During Thunderstorms
Paper Moon - What Are You Going to Do with Me?
Paper Moon, Leslies Int. - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 2
Paperbacks, The - An Episode of Sparrows
Paperbacks, The - An Illusion Against Death
Paperbacks, The - Lit From Within
The Paps - Not Looking For Romance
The Papsmears - Love Chords
Pardon Mein French - The Small Print
Pardon Mein French - Strawberry Trees
Paris to Kyiv - Fragmenti Remixes
Park-Like Setting - School Day 2, Garbage Day 4
Parkas - Now This Is Fighting
The Party Dress - You're Dead b/w Too Cool To Have Fun & Grave Clothes
Pat Carey's Jazz Navigators - Starlight
Pat Collins Quartet - In the Moment
Patrick Alexandre Leclerc - Strange New World
Patrick Gallois, Toronto Camerata, Kevin Mallon - C.P.E. Bach: Complete Flute Concertos
Patrick Keenan - As Constant as the Northern Car
Paul Bergman - Crow Scarecrow
Paul Bourdeau & Shane Simpson - Wild Rice
Paul Cargnello - Lightweight Romeo
Paul E. Lopes - Whatnaut: House
Paul Grzadka - Sea Bird
Paul Hyde - The Big Book of Sad Songs
Paul Is Dead - Let the Losers Slug it Out
Paul Mckay And The Perfect Strangers - Gypsy Wind
Paul Neufeld - Walk Together
Paul Ong - Broadway Classics
Paul Reddick - Villanelle
Paul Tobey - Street Culture
Paulo Ramos - Brasil em Fevereiro
Peacemaker - Peacemaker (cassette)
Peaches - The Teaches of Peaches
Peaches, The - The Peaches
Peggy Lee Band - Sounds from the Big House
Penny Merchants, The - Surrounded
Perilous - Perilous
Perms, The - Aberdeen
Perms, The - Clark Drive
The Perms - Keeps You Up When You're Down
The Perms - sofia nights
The Perms - Tight Perm
Perpetrators, The - The Gas And The Clutch
Perpetrators, The - The Perpetrators
Perpetrators, The - Stick 'Em Up
Perpetrators, The - Towtruck
Personality Crisis - Creatures for Awhile
Personality Crisis - Creatures for Awhile (and Compilation Tracks)
Pete Samples - The Jumper Cables
Pete Samples - An Unsent Letter
Pete Schmidt, Shane Scott - Blues Approved
Peter Elkas - Party of one
Petony - Petopia
the pets - The 4-track challenge
The Pets - Love & War
Phantohms - Pon Arrival
Phelgm fatale - clam crust or bust
The Philosopher Kings - Castles
Pieces, The - The Pieces
Piedmont Sorpid - Wilberforce
Pierre Cartier - Dis, Blaise...
Pierre-Andre Arcand - Atlas Epileptic
Pilate - Caught By The Window
Pillar - Everyone is as Terrified as You Are
Pimp-T - Power Is Mindful Peace
Pinc Lincolns, The - Joy to the World
Pink Mountaintops, The - Axis of Evol
Pinkslips - Hate Songs
Pip Skid - Funny Farm
Pip Skid - Pip Donahue
Pip Skid - Skid Row
Pipo Fiasco - 33 1/3
PJ Perry & Doug Riley - Come Sunday: Songs of Spirituality
Plain as Ghosts - Rendering
Plain's Desperate Symphony - Michael Meredoth
Plasticine - Public Address System
Plastikman - Closer
Po' Girl - Po' Girl
Po' Girl - Vagabond Lullabies
Poemss - Poemss
Poets, The - Nothing to Stay for and Nowhere to Go
Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling
Polmo Polpo - The Science of Breath
Poorboy - We All Can't Be Free
Pop Cherry - Straight Up
Pop Crimes - City/Head
Pop Crimes & Willower - The Fly/Occident
Popular Mechanix - Western World
Porkbelly Futures, The - Way Past Midnight
Potatoes - Cut
Pout - Serenity
Prairie Voices - Autumn
Prairie Voices - Immortal
Pretahunter - Symbolic
Pretty Train Crash - Pretty Train Crash
Prince George Tribute Band - If We Ever Get Out of Here: Tribute to Band on the Run
Priya Thomas - Songs for Car Commercials
Projektor - Red Wolf Glass
Projektor - S/T
Projektor - Young Hearts Fail
Propagandhi - Failed States
Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock
Propagandhi - Supporting Caste
Propagandhi - Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes
Propagandhi - Where Quantity Is Job #1
Protest The Hero - A Calculated Use Of Sound
The Psychics - The Future
Psychics, The - Live at the Graffiti Gallery
Psychomatic Climax Machines - Songs About Robots
Psychotic Gardening - Humanitorium
Psychotic Gardening - HURDUR
Psychotic Gardening - Hymnosis
Public parkade - Demo Tape (Rough draft)
Punchbuggy - The Great Divide
The Puritans, The Mistreaters, Earthquake Pills, New 1-2, Stagmummer, Immortal Lee County Killers - The Isle of Spight
Pushing Buttons - The Tale of a Band
Pushing Daisies - Pretending to be Famous
Putrescence - Dawn of the Necrofecalizer
Q.E.D - [Sometimes a just a Cigar]
Quackenbush - Country
Quagmire - Don't Forget the Blowtorch
Quagmire - Live Together, Die Alone
Quagmire - One for the Ditch
Querkus - The Fire Behind Us Live
Querkus - No Direction
Querkus - Spaces between the leaves make way for the stars
The Quiffs - S/T
Quill & Tolhurst - So Rudely Interrupted
Quinimine - Like Pistons For Engines
Quinton Blair - Cash Crop
Quinzy - These Nautical Miles
Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination
Radio Berlin - Sister Sounds
Rah Rah - Rahmixes
Raine Hamilton - Past Your Past
Raising the Fawn - By the Warmth of Your Flame
Raising The Fawn - The North Sea
Raito - Rock the Water
Rake-Star - Some Ra
Ramblin' Ambassadors, The - Avanti
Rambling Dan and the Dylanaires - Deal with the Devil
Rambling Dan Frechette - Nothing to Lose But the Blues
Rambling Dan Frechette - A Tease Done Bluegrass
Randall Cousins - Murder on the Ice-Train
Randy Bachman - JazzThing
Randy Bachman, New Guitar Summit - Jazzthing II
RasTamils - Friend
RasTamils - It's a Dream
RasTamils - RasTamils
Rats for Friends - "Say Cheese" (cassette)
Rcola - Interim Sessions
Rcola - Shineola
RCOLA - Two-Byte hustler
Re: - Alms
Readable Ink - A Journey West
Readymade - All The Plans Resting
Readymades, The - Play Their Hearts Out
Real Marriage - The God
Real Marriage - Let Them Greet Punk
Reason - Letters on Paper
Reason, The - Ravenna
Rebecca Campbell, Justin Haynes - The Sweetest Noise
Rebel Yell - Greatest Hits
Rebel Yell - Radio Jams!
Rechenzentrum - Director's Cut
Record of the Week Club - Weeks 1-11
Record Of The Week Club - Weeks 1-16
Recovered - Recovered
Red Army - Red Army (cassette)
red blanket - A southern Manitoba murder of crows
Red Fisher - War Wagon
Red Moon Road - Red Moon Road
Red Moon Road - Sorrows and Glories
Red Not Evil - Everywhere, Canada
Red Seed - Feel
Red Shag Carpet - Red Shag Carpet
Redsayno - Redsayno
Reefill - Reefill
Regards, The - The Regards
Remedies, The [CAN] - The Remedies
Remixed: Abstract Beats - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System
Renagde - Part 1
Renee Lamoureux - Dare to Be You
Renee Lamoureux - I Fall for You
Republic of Champions - Notice of Termination
Repulsive Bile - It All Comes Out in Chunks
The Resistance - Revenge on the Riverside
Revenge of the Egg People - Songs & Hymns of Glorious Praise
Reverend Davey Todd - Hnausa Home Demos
Reverend Davey Todd - Solo Single
Reverend Rambler - Reverend Rambler
Revival Dear - From the Palindrome
Revival, The - Brady Bird
Rex Rubie - EP Number One
Rheostatics, The - 2067
Rhonda Head - 500 Years
Rhonda Head - Kayas
Rhonda Head - Nikumoon
Ricardos - I say Boom Chukka Lukka (Cassette)
Richard Inman - 30 Days
Richard Moody - Richard Moody
Richard Underhill - Tales from the Blue Lounge
Richard Whiteman - Solo Piano
Rick Unruh - Remember
Rick Unruh - Wonder and Blue
Ridley Bent - The Blood Trilogy
Ridley Bent - Rabbit On My Wheel
Ridley Bent - Wildcard
Riffaction - A Brand New Way
Riffaction - Future Trend
Right Through - The Sun Hot
Riot 99 - Last Train to Nowhere
Riot Nrrd - Free of the suburban dream
Ripcordz - I Went to the Summit of the Americas and All I Got Was This Lousy Tear Gas Canister in the Back of the Head
Ripcordz - Ripcordz Are Go(d)!
Ripperz, The - Ripperz
Ripperz, The - You Are the Moon
Riptides, The - Drop Out
Rise Ashen - Music In The City
Rise Ashen + Stephane Lefrancois - Venenosa EP
Rita Chiarelli - No-One To Blame
Ritalin - "Racket" (cassette)
Riverdale High - Ja-lis-co (cassette)
Ro Walker - What Got You Through?
Rob Crooks - Hearts
Rob Crooks - Misogyny III
Rob Crooks - We Are Not Famous
Rob McConnell Tentet - Thank You, Ted
Rob Szabo - A Battery of Tests
rob waddell - the good thief - the mirror made me do it
rob waddell - letters unsent
Rob What - Rob What
Robbie McDougall - Plano Compositions
Robert Allen - S/T
Roberto Occhipinti - The Cusp
Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rock Stars - Star Shaped Single
Robyn Pauhl - One for My Baby
Rock Lake - Rock Lake
Rock Lake - Rock Lake
Rock Lake - Rock Lake IV
Rock Ranger - Sing Along
Rockband - Hidden Driveways
Roddy Bailey - Edge of Town
Rodrigo Munoz & Skender Sefa - Duo Latino Concertante
Roger Roger - Fairweather
Roger's Arsenal - Not Unlike a Scowl
Romi Mayes - Achin In Yer Bones
Romi Mayes - Devil on Both Shoulders
Romi Mayes - Lucky Tonight
Romi Mayes - Sweet Somethin' Steady
Ron Davis Trio - Mungle Music
Ron Hynes - Get Back Change
The Ron Paley Trio - The Sea of Time
The Ron Paley Trio - The Sea of Time Disc 2
Ron Sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway
Ron Sexsmith - Retriever
Room 237 - S/T
Rory Friesen's Brown Part - Ventricular Cushions
Rory Verbrugge - Rory Verbrugge
Roslyn - Roslyn (self titled)
Rough Music - Rough Music
Rowdymen, The - Gas, Liquor & Fireworks!
Rowdymen, The - Rowdy Duty
Rowdymen, The - Rubberneckin'
Royal Canoe - CO-OP Mode
Royal Canoe - Extended Play
Royal Canoe - Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit
Royal Canoe - Today We're Believers
Royal City - Little Heart's Ease
Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra - Extra Old Skool
Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra, JFK and the Conspirators - Clash of the Titans
Rudimental - Rudimental
Rufus Wainwright - Want One
Run Chico Run - Shashbo
Run Chico Run - Slow Action
Russell Lee - Songs of Christmas
Russell Lee - What Do I Do
Ruth Moody - The Garden
Ruth Moody - These Wilder Things
Ryan Luchuck - (L-OO-Chuck
Ryan Van Belleghem - For A Home
Ryelee - Fall
Sadies, The - Stories Often Told
Safe Crackers - Resolve EP
Sainte Catherines, The - The Art of Arrogance
Salads, The - Fold A to B
Salinas - All These Choices
Salinas - Salinas
Salt Lick - Demo 2012
Salteens - Let Go of Your Bad Days
The Salvadorian Garbage Men - The Salvadorian Garbage Men
Sam Baardman - The Rookery
Sam Shalabi - Osama
Sam Singer - The Sammy Singer LP
Sanford - Exit Strategy
Sara Jane Schmidt - Piano Diversions
Sarah Harmer - All of Our Names
Sarah Slean - Day One
Satanic Rights - Satanic Rights
Satchel Paige - Guy, I'm From Here
Satchel Paige - Guy, I'm From Here!
Saturday Nite Fish Fry - Rhythm & Soul
Saucermen, The - The Saucermen
Savant Flaneur - Musket
Savants - Absolver
Savants - Reality Show
Sawchuk [CAN] - A Pinch Better
Saxology - Points in Time
Say Uncle! - Say Uncle!
Sc Mira - Waiting Room Baby
Scabsmoker - Scabsmoker
Scales, The - Magnum Opus: Gnarly 4-Track Deom 1986
Scotch + Tape - Scotch + Tape
Scott Cameron Smith - Poets & Painters
Scott Coultes - Harpoons In The Desert
Scott Hinkson - Howlings From High Lake
Scott Hinkson - One Beside Two
Scott Hinkson - The Song Is Not On
Scott Nolan - Montgomery Eldorado
Scott Nolan - no bourbon & bad radio
Scott Nolan - Postcards
Scott Nolan - receiver/reflector
Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller - North/South
Scott Nolan and Willie Sugarcapps - Silverhill
Scraps - Far Gone (cassette)
Screamin' White Jefferson - "Blues a-comin' on" (Cassette)
Screwtape Lewis - The Opulent Hum
Sea Monkeys - Falling
Sea Snakes - Clear As Day, The Darkest Tools
Seafreezing - The Staircase Implementation
Sean Ashby - Fantastico
Sean Burns - Cold Beans & Broken Eggs
Seanster and the Monsters - Seanster and the Monsters ep
Sebastian Owl - Captain Tomorrow & the Dream Orphans
Sebastian Owl - From The Ashes
Sebastian Owl - The Needle Is Broken, The Compass Spins
Sebastian Owl - Nowhere in Particular
Secrets, The - The Secrets
Sectorseven - Sectorseven
See - Pictures of the World
Seed Organization meets Big Toe's HIFI - Heatscore Riddim
Seismic - Portions
Sekoya - Sekoya
Self-Interest - Last Four Songs Tape
Selfmademan - The Daylight Robbery
Selfmademan, Suck La Marde - Split CD
Seven - Seven
Seven - y...
Seventh Sin - s/t
Shade - Shade (cassette)
Shade - Six Inches Inside
Shadez - Every Dollar Counts
Shalabi Effect - Pink Abyss
Shannon Lyon - Someday Morning
Sharon Jackman - Brighter Day
Shawn Bergen - Thought Control
Shayne Lewis - Soul Survivor
Shoko Hikage, Jonathan Segel - GEN
Shoshaku Jushaku - Beyond the Zero
Shotgun Jimmie - Everything Everything
Shotgun Jimmie - Field of Trampolines
Shouting Ground - Shouting Ground
Shrimp - Peel N' Eat
Shutterfly - Shutterfly
Shuyler Jansen - Hobotron
Shy Child - The Humanity EP
Sibyl - Basement Sounds
Sid Robinovitch - Sefarad
Sideshow - 4 Days Till Morning
Sierra Noble - Possibilities
Sierra Noble - Spirit of the Strings
Sights & Sounds - Monolith
Sights & Sounds - Sights & Sounds
Signe & the Free Radical Scavengers - 13 Songs of Lovolution
Signe & the Free Radical Scavengers - 13 Songs of Lovolution
Silence Kit - Started as a Whisper
Silver Hearts, The - No Place
Silver Mountain Reveries - Pretty Little Lightning Paw EP
Sin_Baldi - Films #2
Sinewave, DB - 2Phur Vol. 1
Singing Gardener, The - Out Standing in His Field!
Sip Kek Nom - Blah Ditty
Sister Dorothy - international woman
Sister Dorothy - Little Jazz Bird
Sister Dorothy - Make It A Habit
SitDownTracy - Pleasant Like Wildlife
SitDownTracy - Roaring Noon
SitDownTracy - Twenty Something Winters
Sixty Stories - Anthem Red
Sixty Stories - Anthem Red
Sixty Stories - Care and Work
Sixty Stories, Painted Thin - Different Places to Sit
Sixtyeights, The - Wonderful in the Afternoon
The Skatomatics - Skatomatics for the People
Skavenjah - El Ritmo de la Vida
Skavenjah - Light it Up
Skeletonne - September, 2002
Skender Sefa - Plays Brouwer, Dyens & Tarrega
Skender Sefa & Michael Daher - MCGD Recital
Skingerbreadman - Pluto Uranus Mars the Earth
Skinjobs - Burn Your Rainbow
Skulch - ...Nothing funny About a dead Clown (cassette)
Skyler - Colourful
Slainte Mhath - Va
Slangblossom - Convulsions
Slattern - Demo I
Sleeper Set Sail - A Forward
The Sleuths - The Sleuths
Sloan - Action Pact
Slow Leaves - Beauty Is So Common
Slow Leaves - Second Chances
Slow Spirit - Mars
Slow Spirit - Traverse Bay
Sly Skeeta - Trapezoid
Small Girl - Big Banana
Small Glories, The - Wondrous Traveler
Smokin' Joe Wiseman - Blue Smoke
Smokin' Joe Wiseman - A Field By The Sea
Smokin' Joe Wiseman - Life is Good
smoky tiger - 17 faets of spirited energy
Smoky Tiger - Cosmic christmas
Smoky Tiger - Cybrtygr
Smoky Tiger - Dragontiger
Smoky Tiger - The Flood of Tigrzlove
Smoky Tiger - Greathitz2011
Smoky Tiger - Merry Xmas
Smoky Tiger - Rainbow Tiger
Smoky Tiger - Smokrydence
smoky tiger - smoky tiger and the seven doors
Smoky Tiger - Symfonic Holiday
Smoky Tiger - Triple Rainbow
Smoky Tiger - Great Western Gold
Smoky Tiger & DJTJ - Iraki Knights
Smugglers, The - Mutiny in Stereo
Snack! - An Amnesis
Socially inept - Socially inept
Soft Canyon - Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings
Sohcahtoa, Mod Parlour - Untitled 3"
Soholy Headcase - Mass Madness!!! You Maniacs!!!
Sol Sigurdson - The Lake Winnipeg Fisherman
Solhounds - Smells Like Wet Dog
Solidaze - Pleasure from Precision
Solidaze - Pleasure from Precision Remixed
Someguy - That Album
Somehow Still Standing - s/t
Something Happy - Something Happy (cassette)
Sonia Eidse - Sonia Eidse
Sonia Marie - Close Your Eyes
Sonic Fluid - Wayout Sound from Nowhere, Canada
Sons of Daughters - Sons of Daughters
Sons Of York - Forever Potential
Sophie Berkal-Zarbit - The Gypsy In My Soul
Soraya Benitez - Vive
Sorites Paradox - Sorites Paradox
Souka Lofoni - Lotela 2011
Soul Junk - 1938
Soul Killing Female - Farewell to Light
Soul Killing Female - Landmines
Soul Killing Female - Utopia Mine
Sound Barriers - Sound Barriers
Space Elevator - Space Elevator
Spacecraft 7 - This is Spacecraft 7
Sparrow - Sparrow
Spearmint / Novillero - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 5
Special Ed And The Musically Challenged - Are You Ok?
Special Fancy - Demo (cassette)
Special Fancy - King Me
Spirit of the West - Star Trails
Spirit Sands Singers - Sacred Grounds
Spitula Clark - Do The Spits!
splintered sanity - ultra ep
Split Crooked - Sense of Now
Sprawl - Sarah Veladora
Spur of the Moment - Big shot of water
Sputnik [Manitoba] - Space Junk
Squareheads - The First, The Best & The Rest
Squareheads - Persona Non Grata
St. Bernadette House Band - Heal My Soul
St. Bernadette House Band - The Journey Home
Staggered Crossing - Last Summer When We Were Famous
Stagmummer - Master is Drunk (cassette)
Stagmummer - The Nutcracker
Stagmummer - Rim
Stand Alone Complex - Music for Suicides
Standstill - Standstill
Stars - Heart
Stars - Heart
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire
Starvin Hungry - Damnesty
Steam Pony - Steam Pony
Steam Pony - Steam Pony
Steamin' Muskrats - Baltic Avenue (cassette)
Steamin' Muskrats - Steamin' Muskrats (cassette)
Stefan Bauer Band - Coming Home
Stephan Dunkelman - Rhizomes
Stephane Roy - Migrations
Stephen Cleobury, Choir of King's College - Living on Oblivion
Steve Basham - Bad Weather in Happy Land
Steve Basham - Thick Cuts
Steve Basham - The Thick Mix(es)
steve bates - the dim coast
Steve Bell - Burning Ember
Steve Bell - Devotion
Steve Bell - Feast
Steve Bell - Feast of Seasons
Steve Bell - Keening for the Dawn
Steve Bell - Kindness
Steve Bell - my dinner with bruce: songs of bruce cockburn
Steve Bell - Pilgrimage
Steve Bell - Romantics and Mystics
Steve Bell - Simple Songs
Steve Bell - Waiting For Aidan
Steve Bell - Where the Good Way Lies
Steve Bell & Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - Symphony Sessions
Steve Bell Band - In Concert
Steve Bell, Sarah Bell - Sons & Daughters
Steve Keys & the Space Trannys - Jammin' on Toast
Steve Kirby & Larry Roy - Wicked Grin
Steve Kirby's Oceanic Jazz Orchestra - All Over the Map
Steve Schellenberg - Princes & Kings
Steven Schnoor - Steven Schnoor
Steven Tsitsos-Violin - Into the West
Stewart Fay - Remembering
Still Standing - The Long Road to Here
Stills, The - Logic Will Break Your Heart
Stink Mitt - Scratch 'N' Sniff
Stompin' Tom Connors - Hockey Mom Tribute
Stone Throw Second - All Cities Fall
Stonypoint - Stonypoint
Straight Eight - Deluxe
Strange Angels - Dancing with the Living
Strap - A Different Point of View
Stratton & Trippel - Drifting with the Flow
Stretch Marks - Who & What: The Complete Studio Recordings
Stretch Marks - Who's In Charge
A Stretch of the imagination - Something to think about...
Stringband - The Indispensable 1972-2002
Stuart&Russell - Over Stones
Stunt Logic - S/T
The Sturgeons - This Is
Sturgeons, The - The Wood Shop
SubCity - Live!
Subcity Dwellers - Gastown/Jerk Chicken
Subcity Dwellers - When The Beat Starts To Pound
SUBCITY DWELLERS - Where's the Noise?
Submission Hold - What Holds Back The Elephant
Sue Foley - Change
Sue Foley - Where the Action Is
Sugarsick - Sugarsick
Summerlad, The - Distance Will Be Swept Up
Summerlad, The - The Golden Hammers Project
Sun Machine - Electric Junkyard
Sundar Subramanian - Shade
Sundog - Sundog (cassette)
Sundoz - Boredom / In the Rite (cassette)
Sunset Rubdown - Sunset Rubdown
Super Friendz - Love Energy
Supergarage - Elvis Was Bigger Then the Beatles
Surprise Party - Animal Kingdom / Continents of the World
Surprise Party - Circle of Death EP
Surprise Party - Heart of Love
Surprise Party - "The Last Temptation Of Chris"
Surprise Party - Sh-Shake Your Booty
Susie Arioli Band - That's for Me
Susie Arioli Swing Band - Pennies From Heaven
Suss - I Just Ride My Bike
Suss - Myths on my body
Suture - Fin
Suture - Live Fragments
Suture - S/T
Swallows, The - The Beauty of Our Surroundings
Swank - The Survival Issue
Sweatpant Superstars - 2 Cans and String
Sweet Alibi - sweet alibi
Sweet Alibi - Walking in the Dark
Sweet Alibi - We've Got to
Sweet Tooth - Gimme Some
Sweller - NCRC 2000 Promotional Release
Swifty's, The - The Swifty's
Sylvia Shadick-Taylor - Pura: Piano Northwest
Sylvie Chenard, Jon Asencio - Océan à Vendre / For Sale
Symington Yard - The Persistence of Life
Symphony Nova Scotia - Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 31 Paris, 35 Haffner and 40
T. Fuller - Eat Your Beets
T. Hecker - My Love Is Rotten to the Core
T. James Oborne - Closer than ever before
T. Nautilus - T. Nautilus
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Jeanne Lamon - A Baroque Feast / Festin Baroque
Tanya Tagaq - Animism
Tailgate Outlaws - S/T
Take Me To the Pilot - Take Me To the Pilot
Tamara Williamson - All Those Racing Horses
Tangent Project - Calm after The Storm
Tangent Project - Emoticon
Tangent Project - Psychedelic Sampler
Tangiers - Hot New Spirits
Tangiers - Never Bring You Pleasure
Tannis Slimmon - Oak Lake
Tarry Trousers - By the Seat of Our Pants
Taxi Chain - Smarten Up
Taylor & Young - Fate Of Our Nation
Taylor & Young - Pressure Zone
The Teenage Knockups - Keep Hollywood Out Of Winnipeg
Tegan and Sara - So Jealous
Tele - s/t
Teleharmonium - The Mother Harmonium
Teleharmoniun - The Mother Generator
Telepathic Butterflies - Breakfast in Suburbia
Telepathic Butterflies - Introducing the Telepathic Butterflies
Telepathic Butterflies - Nine Songs
Telepathic Butterflies - Songs from a Second Wave
Telepathic Butterflies - Wow And Flutter!
Ten Too Many - Multiplayer Madness
Ten Year Drought - The Laurentian Season
Tequila Mockingbird - Any Shape or Form
Tequila Mockingbird - Queen Soul
Tequila Mockingbird - Queen Soul
Tequila Mockingbird - S/T
Terra Hazelton - Anybody's Baby
Terrorist - Death Culture Economy
Terrorist - Terrorist/The Untalented split 7 inch
Terry Spencer Trials - Megalomania
Tha Afterparty - Rain Can't Stop The Fire
Thanksgiving - We Could Be Each Other's Evidence
That Being SO - Just Wondering
Theatre of Early Music, Daniel Taylor - Bach: Cantatas 131, 152, 161
Theorem THX - Experiments in Synchronicity
Theredscare - EightPiecesOfSummer
They Say - Disguises
This Hisses - Anhedonia
This Hisses - Surf Noir
Thistle - S/T
Thomas Hellman - L'appartment
Thomas Köner - Zyklop
Thor - Triumphant
Thor - Triumphant
Those Liabilities - Public Thrust
Those Who Walk Away - The Infected Mass
Thrashers, The - Deal Some Meal
Thrashers, The - Make a Splash
Thrashers, The - Man Re-enters Sea
Thrashers, The - Ramp Locals
Thrashers, The - Ramp Locals
Thrashers, The - Robot Invaders from the Death Galaxy
Throbtones, The - Meca-nize
Tiffany Lauren - The Precious Many
Tiffany Ponce - Gratitude
Tiffany Ponce - Only the Beginning
Tiffany Prochera - Demo CD
Tigre Benvie - Bankruptcy
Tijuana Bibles - Custom Made
Tim Balash & the Chrome Magpies - Hungover on Judgement Day
Tim Hecker - Radio Amor
Tin Can Bandits - Rushing River
Tina Moore - Tina Moore
Tinkertoy - Transatlantic Love Machine
Todd - Promotional Release
Todd Hunter & Tourists - Cold Winter Days
Todd Hunter Band - Star
Todd McDougall - The Eugenics and Social Engineering Sessions
Tom Keenan & Matt Peters - Romantic Fitness
Tom Keenan & Matt Peters - The Winters Tale
Toni Lynn Washington - Been So Long
Toronto Consort - Mariners and Milkmades
Toshack Highway, Sianspheric - Magnetic Morning/Aspirin Age
Touchtone Gurus - Blue in the Face
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - Your Favorite Song
Tracy Bone - No Lies
Tracy K - What's the Rush?
Tracy Rice - Out Of The Light
Trampoline - Basement Tapes
Trampoline - Sometimes a Song is just a Cigar
trancemute - Mixed by dubstation experiment
Transistor Sound & Lighting Co - Transistor Sound & Lighting Co
Transistor Sound & Lighting Co - Transistor Sound & Lighting Co.
Transonic - In Technicolor
Travis Baker, Sara Schoenbeck - Yesca One
Treben'dle - Canadian Shield
The Treble - Modernaires
Treeball/Aaron Booth - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 4
Trenton Burton - Six to Twenty-One
Trephines - Trephines
Trews - House of Ill Fame
Triad - Cold Front
Trio Bembe - Feliz Navidad - A Latin Christmas
Trio Bembe - Oh My Soul
Trio Bembe - Trio Bembe
Trouble and Strife - Winnipeg Winter
Troubleshot - Troubleshot
Tubescreamer - Trilingual Conversations
Tugboat - Hard Times for Dreamers
Tups, The - I Dressed Up For This?
Turn the Gun - Rap Day
Tusk - Headroom
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Dub Plate Vol. 3
twilight hotel - bethune
Twin - Mooneyesun
Twin - North Americana
Twin - Sharing Secrets with Strangers
Two Oceans - Artifact
Two Tails - Sings the mp3s
Two-Minute Miracles, The - Volume III: The Silence of Animals
Type One - Type One
Ukrainian Folk Ensemble - Ukrainian Folk Ensemble
the ukrainian old timers - a ukrainian wedding
Ultra Mega - Black Wu Jackets
Ultra Mega - Dart
Ultra Mega - Native Alicia
Ultra Mega - Ultra Mega
The Unbelievable Bargains - Boiled Egg
Unbelievable Bargains, The - Exuberance Abounds
The Unbelievable Bargains - Fun Times Why Not
Unbelievable Bargains, The - Give a Dog a Boner
Unbelievable Bargains, The - Special Agent Jack Bauer Saves Christmas
The Uncas - Sunny Uncas
Uncle Louis - What Happened
Under Pressure - Black Bile
Under Pressure - Come Clean
Under Pressure - Come Clean
Under Pressure - Habits
Undercover - S/T
Undercurrents, The - Demo N
Undertakin' Daddies - Devil in the Rearview
Unicorns, The - Unicorns Are People Too
Unicorns, The - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
Unintended, The - The Unintended
UnklElephant - Denton Abbey Sessions
UnklElephant - The Garage Tapes
Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway - A Burning Lego Los Angeles Remix EP
Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway - Snarling from the Depths of a Friendly Aggression
Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway - Sounds for an Accelerated Culture (CKUW Sessions)
Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway - Turns 3 Tour Sampler
Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway - Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying on a Freeway
Until Red - Until Red (Demo)
Unwanted - Re-Animated
The Urban Gorilla - S/T
Urban Nomad - Urban Nomad
Urban Nomad - Urban Nomad
Urban Surf Kings, The - Surf Vs. The Flying Saucers
Ursula - S/T
Vagiants, The - 2 Songs: Hot Box/Nice 'N' Easy
Vagiants, The - Short & Hard
Vagiants, The - Turn it Around
Vailhalen - Becs D'Oiseaux
Vampire Beach Babes - Beach Blanket Bedlam!
Vampires - 2010 catalogue sampler for CKUW
Vampires - Every Kind of Light Ep
Vampires - vampires
Vampires - Vampires
Vanessa Kuzina - Peony
Vanity Press, The - The Vanity Press
Various Artist - Transmissions From UMFM 101.5
Various Artists - 'Peg City Skank
Various Artists - 2004 Regina Folk Festival
Various Artists - All Ska-nadian Club II
Various Artists - All Skanadian Club: Best in Canadian Ska
Various Artists - The Ambitious CD
Various Artists - The Ambitious CD 2
Various Artists - Artists in Healthcare Manitoba
Various Artists - Back to School: Unreleased, Rare & Unique Music from Winnipeg's Underground
Various Artists - Beach Station Blues
Various Artists - Beach Station Blues II
Various Artists - Beach Station Blues III
Various Artists - Beach Station Blues IV
Various Artists - Beach Station Blues V
Various Artists - Below the Radar
Various Artists - Best of Franklin Records
Various Artists - Beverly Street
Various Artists - Big Break...Because Obscurity is a Drag
Various Artists - Bloodstains Across the Prairies
Various Artists - Boompa, Vol. 1
Various Artists - Bring Your Own Plywood: Calgary Does Connors
Various Artists - CBC Radio 3: New Music Canada Vol 1
Various Artists - CBC Radio 3: Sessions Vol 1
Various Artists - Changing Locations: Co-op Radio Sound Art Vol. II
Various Artists - CJSR 18th Birthday CD
Various Artists - CKUW Transmissions: The First Five Years
Various Artists - Class Pride World Wide 2
Various Artists - Coles Notes From the Underground
Various Artists - Deepwater Black: Inclonation, Vol. 1
Various Artists - Dig Your Roots/Decouvre Tes Racines
Various Artists - Dig Your Roots: Electronic Dance
Various Artists - Dig Your Roots: Spoken Word
Various Artists - Digital Singles
Various Artists - Don't Worry 'Bowta Theng, Mister - A Compilation of 11 Winnipeg Bands
Various Artists - Dublaballstars
Various Artists - The Edge Music Compilation/Compilation de Musique Contact Avenir
Various Artists - The Family
Various Artists - Farewell 274
Various Artists - Festival to Go Vol. 3
Various Artists - Frank Slide: 100 Years From Them
Various Artists - Freddy's Rock Pile Presents: Horseshoes & HandGrenades
Various Artists - Friends of the Forest
Various Artists - Front & Center: Westcoast Women in Rhyme, Vol. 1
Various Artists - Frozen Stereo - Independent Manitoba Music
Various Artists - Fubar the Album
Various Artists - Fuckin' Eh 2
Various Artists - The Future Of The Blues
Various Artists - Goldirocks: Music From the Motion Picture
Various Artists - Good Grooming for Girls
Various Artists - The Goods
Various Artists - The Greatest Little CD in the East: New Music From Saint John
Various Artists - Guess Who's Home: A Tribute
Various Artists - Halifax: Plugged In III
Various Artists - Hey! Where'd the Summer Go?
Various Artists - I am shorter than you are taller than I am
Various Artists - I'm Somebody Too
Various Artists - It Was 40 Years Ago Today: A Tribute to the Beatles
Various Artists - It's a Team Mint Xmas Vol 2
Various Artists - Jazz Winnipeg Festival 2004: 15th Anniversary June 17-27 Sampler
Various Artists - Keepers of the Sacred Fire: Red Hill Valley Hamilton
various artists - killed by canada (double cd) 2006
Various Artists - Killer Knockouts Vol. 2
Various Artists - Link Pins
Various Artists - Littler Whore Shopper
Various Artists - Love, Lake Winnipeg: A Tribute to the Songs of Sol Sigurdson
Various Artists - making The Impossible possible
Various Artists - Manitoba Aboriginal Artists Vol. 3
Various Artists - Manitoba Music
Various Artists - Manitoba Music
Various Artists - Manitoba Music 5
Various Artists - Manitoba Music Comp 2010
Various Artists - Massive Transit
Various Artists - Matsuri: A Collection of Works by Japanese Canadian Musicians & Composers
Various Artists - Mayday: An All-Canadian Oi and Streetpunk Compilation
Various Artists - Misc. Compilation for WECC Concert Promo
Various Artists - Mixtape Vol. 2
Various Artists - Montreal Spirit: A Dare to Care Records Family Compilation
Various Artists - New Glue Records Vol. 1: Sniff
Various Artists - News from Nowhere
Various Artists - No Label Collective - Volume One
Various Artists - Northern Faction 2
Various Artists - Northern Faction 4
Various Artists - Northern Faction 5
Various Artists - Northern Faction Vol. 1
Various Artists - Nous, Les Enfants
Various Artists - Ocean
Various Artists - The Outbreak: Compilation Album Vol. 1
Various Artists - Peanuts & Corn - Fall 2003
Various Artists - Peg City Skank 2: All You Can Eat
Various Artists - Permafrost 7"
Various Artists - Poor Boy: Songs of Nick Drake
Various Artists - Radiant Dissonance
Various Artists - Radio Free for All: The Best of CKDU Live
Various Artists - Ralph Nader Was Here
Various Artists - Real Divas II: Torch Light Vol 2
Various Artists - Regeneration: A Praire Mixtape
Various Artists - Required Listening
Various Artists - Reverie - Noise City
Various Artists - Roots: Dig Your Roots: Decouvre Tes Racines
Various Artists - Sang 9
Various Artists - Saturday Morning Empires
Various Artists - Scattered Snares: Across the Tracks
Various Artists - Send + Receive (005) Sampler
Various Artists - Send + Receive [006]
Various Artists - Showdown: 22 Golden Nuggets from Vancouver/Victoria R.A.N.C.H. Community
Various Artists - Sinewave: Interplanetary Ridicule
Various Artists - Six Strings North of the Border, Volume 2
Various Artists - Slonice
Various Artists - Smilin' Jay's Happy Hour: Live From Studio E: Double Volume Seasons One and Two
Various Artists - Solidaze Sessions
Various Artists - song in the key of hope the derek wheeler stary
Various Artists - Song Of The Silent Land
Various Artists - State of the Union, Vol. 2
Various Artists - Storman Norman's Sunday Blues: Live at the Yale Vol. 2
Various Artists - Studio 11 Inc.
Various Artists - Studio 11 Tunes Vol. 1
Various Artists - Studio 11 Tunes Vol. 2
Various Artists - Syrup & Gasoline Vol 2
Various Artists - TEA Vol 2: Toronto Experimental Artists
Various Artists - TEA Vol 3: Toronto Experimental Artists
Various Artists - TEA: Toronto Experimental Artists Vol 1
Various Artists - This Is Rockabilly Clash
Various Artists - To Elliott, Love Winnipeg
Various Artists - Toronto/New York
Various Artists - The Trans-Canada Beaver Cookoff
Various Artists - Transit Collective
Various Artists - Transmissions from UMFM 101.5 2014
Various Artists - Underground Hip-Hop Volume 1
Various Artists - Unity: A Tribute to Desmond Dekker, The King of Ska
Various Artists - Vancouver Complication
Various Artists - Wang Dang Doodle
Various Artists - We Stain Porcelain Presents: First Flush Compilation
Various Artists - The Winnipeg Parks and Recreation Authority: A Collection of 18 Winnipeg Artists
Various Artists - Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974: Buried Treasures
Various Artists - Winnipeg: The High & Lonesome Years Vol. 1
Various Artists - Winnipeg: The High & Lonesome Years Vol. 2
Various Artists - Winnipeg: The High & Lonesome Years Vol. 4
Various Artists - Young and Fun Vol. 1
Various Artists - The Young and the Restless
Various Artists - Zed: Live Off the Floor
Various Artists - Zombie Night in Canada
VAV Jungle - Canadiana Striptease
Vav Jungle - Cream Corn Bath
Vav Jungle - Models For Jelly
Vav Jungle - Zig - A - Dig
Vav Jungle - Zig - A - Dig
Veal - The Embattled Hearts
Veda Hille - Auditorium
Vega - Hallelujah
Veito & Pieskator - Ha.ppy Burfday Urt
Velostat - Recycle Artificial Intelligence
Velvet Pill, The - The Velvet Pill
Venetian Snares - Cavalcade of Glee & Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Pom
Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist
Venetian Snares - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits, 1972-2006
Venetian Snares - Horse and Goat
Venetian Snares - Infolepsy EP
Venetian Snares - My Downfall
Venetian Snares - My So-Called Life
Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats
Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music
Venetian Snares - VSNARES: 2370894
Venetian Snares - Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole
Venetian Snares - Winter in the Belly of a Snake
Verbrilli Sound, The - Leisure War
Veritas - Black Dark/Black Cold
Vermicious Knid, The - Days That Stand Still
Veronica Tangent - Noshowoffsideorderoffries
Vesely Coulture - Nerd Party
Vesely Coulture - Tea & Crumpets
Vibrating Beds - Sing the Blues
Vibrating Beds - Vibrating Beds
Video Brats - Side Pony
Viewing Party - On.
Vile Hands - Vile Hands
Vince Andrushko - Almost Home
Vince Andrushko - Firstakes
Vince Andrushko - Vince Andrushko
Vitamins For You - Flesh Python
Vito Rezza and 5 After 4 - Drums of Avila
Viva Non - Pure
Voit - The moon hour
Voldis - Anhedonia
Volume - The Amazing Spider-Band
Volume - Is It True We All Die Ordinary People?
Volume - Volume
Wailin' Jennys, The - 40 Days
The Wailin' Jennys - Firecracker
Wailin' Jennys, The - The Wailin' Jennys
Waking Eyes, The - Combing the Clouds
Waking Eyes, The - Holding on to Whatever It Is
Waking Eyes, The - Video Sound
Walker B - Back from Oblivion
Walkie Talkie - playset
Wally Landreth - Screen Door
Walter Paisley - Cordially (cassette)
Wanda Wilson - Under Donald
War Party - The Reign
Warning By Sea - Work.Time.Studio.Exchange.
Washboard Hank - Donkeys & Tire Fires
Wassabi Collective, The - The Masquerade Sessions
A Waste Odyssey - Animal Sounds
A Waste Odyssey - We Are Mourning People
Waster - Grip of the Hand
The Watchmen - Silent Radar
Water Works - Mistakes were Made
Wayne Omaha - Let it mellow
Wayne Posnick - It's Not My Fault
Weakerthans, The - Left & Leaving
Weakerthans, The - Live At The Burton Cummings Theatre cd & dvd
Weakerthans, The - Reconstruction Site
Weakerthans, The - Reunion Tour
Wedge Woods, The - The Wedge Woods
Weekend, The - Beatbox My Heartbeat
Weekend, The - Teaser + Bonus Level
Weekend, The - Teaser EP
The Welfare Starlets - Underground
The Welfare Starlets - Wreaking Havoc
Well Sister - Sacred Sites
Wes Mackey - Second Chance
Western States - Bye & Bye
Western States - The Western States
Wet Spots, The - Ribbed for Pleasure
Whaleman - Underwater Attache
Wheatmonkeys - Danger
Whereabouts, The - Pop Filter
Whispering Bob - Whispering Bob
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Cencerro Blanco
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Oklahoma
White Dog - Resistance
White Dog Family Band - Escape the Mystery II
White Star Line - White Star Line
Whizbang Shufflers - Baffle the Bird of Death
Whole Lotta Milka - Al's Diner
Whole Lotta Milka - Al's Diner
Why - The Rise and Fall of the Question Mark
Wide Awake City - Wide Awake City
Wilbert de Joode, Dylan van der Schyff, Tobias Delius - By December
Wilbert de Joode, Dylan van der Schyff, Tobias Delius - The Flying Deer
Will Bonness - Halcyon
Will Bonness - Subtle Fire
Will to Power, The - Ambition & Striving
The Will to Power - Down
The Will to Power - Might
William Prince - Earthly Days
Willie Kennedy - Cape Breton Violin
Willie Wiebe - Time Travel
Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, The - Steppin' Out
Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, The - The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra
Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, The - The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra
The Winnipeg Labour Choir - Voices of Struggle
Winnipeg Labour Choir, The - Working Class Heroes
Winnipeg Mandolin Orchestra - Winnipeg Mandolin Orchestra
the winnipeg mandolin quintet - light hearted, fanciful and slightly serious
Winnipeg Riot - Winnipeg Riot
Winnipeg Singers, The - O Praise Ye the Lord
Winnipeg Singers, The - Prairie Voices
Winnipeg Singers, The - Swingle Bells
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - A Gilbert & Sullivan Gala
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - The Lark Ascending
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Moshe Hammer - Saint-Saëns, Sarasate, Ravel, Kabalevsky
Winnipeg Wind Ensemble - Saturn Sky
Wintersleep - Wintersleep
Wisconsin - Rhymes Without Reason
Wolf Colonel - Something/Everything!
Wolf Colonel, The Paperbacks - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 1
Wolfnote, The - Si! Si! Si!
Woodshed Havoc - Woodshed Havoc
Woody Holler & His Orchestra - Western Skies
World Record Players - Introducing the World Record Players
The Wyrd Sisters - Inside the Dreaming
The Wyrd Sisters - Raw Voice
Wyrd Sisters, The - Sin & Other Salvations
XL Birdsuit - In Minotaur City
Ya Ketchose - Evolution
Yeehaa Cowboys, The - May the Twang Be With You
Yes We Mystic - Floods and Fires
Yes We Mystic - Forgiver
Yes We Mystic - Vestige
Yodeca - Earth Fusion
Young and Sexy - Life Through One Speaker
Young Ideas - To Care for a Baby Bird
Young Pixels, The - For the Love
Young Pixels, The - The Receptive
Youthinasia - Highclass Low Standards
Yy - Hold the Fort Down
Yy - Tape It Back Here
Zags, The - Stop the World
The Zags - Stop the World
Zara Nelsova - Zara Nelsova
Zeek Illa - Be for My Time
Ziplock - Prime Correctives
Zohreh Gervais - Acquiescing
Zohreh Gervais & Steve Melnyk - My First Songs & Rhymes
Zoppa - Zoppa
Zorgs, The - Chew On It
Zrada Cultural Academy - Ethnomachina
Zrada Cultural Academy - Legend
Zrada Cultural Academy - Zrada
Zubot & Dawson - Chicken Scratch