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Various Artists - Six Strings North of the Border, Volume 2 (2003)

Track listing:
  1. Dorval's Descent (Terry Tufts)
  2. Frederic's Closet (Marc Atkinson Trio)
  3. Invitation To Circumstance (Art Turner)
  4. Wedding Song (Zubot & Dawson)
  5. Dear Peace (Alex Houghton)
  6. Dallas Rag (David Rogers)
  7. Reverie (Jon Park Wheeler)
  8. The Green Mountain Boys (Dave MacIsaac)
  9. New England Rag (D'Arcy Wickham)
  10. In The Deep Field (Colin Linden)
  11. The Wind (James Cohen)
  12. Django Townshend (Martin Posen)
  13. Steeplechase Lane (Craig Brown)
  14. Hermetica (Kristin Sweetland)
  15. Guitar Mama (Michael Jerome Browne)
  16. Rose of Allendale (Bob MacLean)