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Brett Polegato, Iain Burnside - To a Poet (2001)

Track listing:
  1. To A Poet A Thousand Years Hence
  2. Tit For Tat: A Song Of Enchantment
  3. Tit For Tat: Autumn
  4. Tit For Tat: Silver
  5. Tit For Tat: Vigil
  6. Tit For Tat: Tit for Tat
  7. Eight Epitaphs: Alice Rodd
  8. Eight Epitaphs: Susannah Fry
  9. Eight Epitaphs: Three Sisters
  10. Eight Epitaphs: Thomas Logge
  11. Eight Epitaphs: A Midget
  12. Eight Epitaphs: No Voice To Scold
  13. Eight Epitaphs: Ann Poverty
  14. Eight Epitaphs: Be Very Quiet Now
  15. A Shropshire Land: Loveliest Of Trees
  16. A Shropshire Land: When I Was One-And-Twenty
  17. A Shropshire Land: Look Not In My Eyes
  18. A Shropshire Land: Think No More Lad
  19. A Shropshire Land: The Lads In Their Hundreds
  20. A Shropshire Land: Is My Team Ploughing?
  21. We'll To The Woods No More: We'll To The Woods No More
  22. We'll To The Woods No More: In Boyhood
  23. We'll To The Woods No More: Spring Will Not Wait (Piano Solo)
  24. Seven Songs: Summer Schemes
  25. Seven Songs: The Phantom
  26. Seven Songs: Rollicum-Rorum
  27. Seven Songs: To Lizbie Browne
  28. Seven Songs: The Clock Of The Years
  29. Seven Songs: Channel Firing
  30. Seven Songs: Proud Songsters