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Vincent Montana JR, Philly Sound Orchestra - Heavy Vibes (2003)

Track listing:
  1. South Soul Party
  2. Heavy Vibes
  3. It Looks Like Love
  4. What Happened To The Music
  5. I Wanna Know
  6. Let Me Work On You
  7. Make Me Hot
  8. South Soul Party (South Soul Scat)
  9. South Soul Party (Club Mix)
  10. Ride Like The Wind
  11. It Looks Like Love (Club 89)
  12. Heavy Vibes
  13. Esto Parese Amor (Tribe Beats)
  14. It Loks Like Love (New Club)
  15. Heavy Vibes (Heavier Vibes)
  16. Esto Parese Amor (Love Vibes)
  17. I'm Going Through Changes
  18. It's Rough Out Here
  19. Esto Parese Amor (Club Mix)
  20. Esto Parese Amor (Rain Dance Mix)
  21. Who Needs Enemies
  22. Heavy Vibes (Club Mix)
  23. Philly Bus Beats
  24. One More Time V.M.J.