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Various Artists - Old School Vs. New School (1999)

Track listing:
  1. Whodini vs. The Freestylers -- ("It's All In Mr.) Magic's Wand
  2. A Tribe Called Quest vs. Pimp Juice -- Go Ahead In The Rain
  3. Kool Moe Dee vs. Bad Boy Bill -- I Go To Work
  4. A Tribe Called Quest vs. Aphrodite -- 1nce Again
  5. BDP vs. Bassbin Twins -- A Crate Of BDP
  6. A Tribe Called Quest vs. Norman Cook -- I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
  7. Whodini vs. DJ Icey -- Five Minutes of Funk
  8. The Stone Roses vs. Grooverider -- Fools Gold
  9. A Tribe Called Quest vs. Doc Martin -- Footprints
  10. R Kelly vs Hollis Monroe -- Sex Me
  11. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince vs Hybrid -- Summer
  12. The Stone Roses vs Rabbit in The Moon -- Fools Gold
  13. Summertime (Hybrid Mix) - Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Vs. Hybrid
  14. Fools Gold (Rabbit In The Moon's Message To The Majors) - The Stone Roses Vs. Rabbit In The Moon