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Torres - Three Futures
Fruit Bats - Glory of Fruit Bats
Wilderness of Manitoba - The Tin Shop EP
Bob's Burgers - The Bob's Burgers Music Album
Alex G - Rocket
Nick Hakim - Green Twins
St. Tropez - St. Tropez
Alvvays - Antisocialites
Chicago Afrobeat Project - What Goes Up
Lenore [USA] - Lenore
LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
Mogwai - Every Country's Sun
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Alice Glass - Alice Glass EP
Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins
Itchy-O - From the Overflowing
Mundy's Bay - Wandering & Blue
Mon Doux Saigneur - Mon Doux Saigneur
Palm - Shadow Expert EP
Bill & Joel Plaskett - Solidarity
Friendly Rich - The Great Blue Heron
Dyslexic Postcards - Spare the Altar
Spike Wilner Trio - Odalisque
Lapslap - itch
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats - Groovin' in Greaseland
Karpinka Brothers, The - Talk Is Cheap
Jeb Loy Nichols - Country Hustle
Whitney Rose - Rule 62
Aron D'Alesio - Aron D'Alesio
Lucy Rose - Something's Changing
Psychics, The - Close Encounters
Motörhead - Under Cöver
Terminals, The - Antiseptic
Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder
Geoff Berner - Canadiana Grotesquica
Comeback Kid - Outsider
Zaba - Mosaic Suite
Ghost Twin - Plastic Heart
Various Artists - Outpunk Dance Party
Richard Carr, Mike Nord, Georg Hofmann & Art Maddox - Biosphere
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
The Great Mongoose - She's A Bad Motorcycle E.P.
Garfield - Ride The Thunderbolt
Gloria Gardner - I'm Holding Onto Your Memory
Hemingway Corner - Last Northern Train
Good Grief - E.P.
Goldfish - The Ride
Ed Hall - Ed Hall
The Hidden Chord - .Identity
The Hopping Penguins - I Didn't Know Santa Was A Rastaman
Hum - Comin' Home
The Hoods - Empty Head
Good Horsey - Emperor Nick
Gnomes of Zurich - Polonaise Pygmirs
Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around The Block
The Beauticians - New Age Song For A Cynical Gereation
The All-Woman Brothers Band - Pay Back...
Thee Suddens, Radioblaster, Speedbuggy & The New Grand - Our Stupid Noise
Our Friend Andrew & Corwin Fox - Lovers And Revolutionaries Unite
Texas Is the Reason & The Promise Ring - Blue Boy/E. Texas Ave.
Dirt Dont Hurt - First Hand
Elliott & Banned From Atlantis - E.P.
Deep Shag - Always A Turn-On
Wrought - Ironsmile
Witching Hour - Witching Hour
Wilt - The Brus Driver's Right Arm
Village People - Macho Man
Van Zant - You've Got To Believe In Love
Fee Waybill - You're Still Laughing
Delightful Little Nothings - Delightful Little Nothings E.P.
The Evaporators, The Tonics, July Fourth Toilet, Sister Lovers & Insignificant Specks - Canadian Relics
The Knuckledusters & The Stinkies - Delicatessen
The New Grand, Zumpano, Cheticamp & Super Friendz - Twisted (+Promo Copy)
The Muscle Bitches & Vampire Fruit - Baptist Cracker Presents
The Smugglers & The Hi-Fives - Summer Games
Drums Along The Gardiner - Fish
Engine - She Breaks The Bottle
Elephant - I Don't Wanna Lose You
Field day - Enough For Two
Eric's Trip - Julie and The Porthole To Dimentia
Friends of Dean Martinez - Cordova
Furnaceface - Sucked Into Drugland
The Inbreds - Yelverton Hill
Tom Tom Club - The Man With The 4-Way Hips
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Suzie Q
The Wisdom Of Harry - Coney Island Of Your Mind
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Southern Pacific
Neil Young - Wonderin'
Ten Days Late... - Go With The Flow
Ten Days Late... - Out Of Tune
Nick Zedd/Zyklon Beatles - Consume And Die
Neil Young - Get Back To The Country
Neil and The Shocking Pinks - Cry, Cry, Cry
Valdy - Leaving Ain't The Only Way To Go
Yukon - Straight Vodka Blue
Whitey Don - Copper Shot
Binge - A Thousand Bands Like Us
The Beekeepers - Lunar
The Beekeepers - Do You Behave Like That At Home?
Bandit Queen - Scorch
Buzzkill - Meat is Dinner
The Bonaduces - "Everything's Rachel"
Bracket - Sticky Fingers
Mark Brodie & The Beaver Patrol - Shreddin' And Surfin'
The Blow Monkeys - It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
Anal Cunt - Stayin' Alive (Ol! Version)
The Beatles - All You Need Is Love
Archwelder - Raleigh
Another White Male - Acid Coloured Eyes
Blinker the Star - Bluish Boy
Another Girl - Growing Girl
Hefner & Murry the Hump - Half A Life/The House That Used To Be A Ship
The Bloody Chicletts - She's A Freak/Kaos
Victims Family - Maybe If I...
Widespread Bloodshed - Widespread Bloodshed E.P.
Talk Power - This Is What Love Is
The Sedgwicks - Up Till Now
U.K. Players - Missbehavin'
Ultrasonica - Supernatural
Tau Ceti - And I Wonder
Tar - Teetering
The Wives - Pass Out
Whispers - Emergancy
Whispers - This Time
The Who - Had Enough
The WhoRidas - Athena
The Bomb Bassets - Pleasse Don't Die E.P.
Broken Girl - Dog Love Part II
Broken Girl - Nora
The Who - It's Hard/Dangerous
The Agenda - Are You Nervous?
Bang Bang - Nur Wir Zwei
Brutal Juice - Black Moment of Panic/Rock Town
Carlo Bianchini - I'm The Only One
Basic Reptile - The Wind Blown Poet
Badly Drawn Boy - Donna and Blitzen
B-Movie - Switch On-Switch Off/Just An Echo
B-Movie - A Letter From Afar
Blood Wurm - Cold Dead Stare 7"
Beau Flash - New Wave Fever
The Autumn Leaves - When I Close My Eyes
All You Can Eat - ...With Salad Bar
Authority Fails - We Wanna Be Heard
Ian Astbury - High Time Amplifier
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl/Remembrance Day
Artists United Against Apartheid - Let Me See Your I.D.
O'Chi Brown - Whenever You Need Somebody
Askance - You'll Never Be The Mannequin
Andru Branch Halfway Tree - My Jamacian Weed
Pine Tarts - Pin Tarts
Crash 13 - Porch Crawlers E.P.
Disssent - Behind The Lies
Crumbox - Resuscitation/Novacaine
Dear Enemy - Computer One/Day To Day
Desk - Astronauts
The Dinks - Go Home E.P.
The Dinks - Teen-Age Power Keg E.P.
D-Vision - That Was Then E.P.
Donora - Donora
Dog Tired - "A Bone To nPick With The World" E.P.
Crankshaft - Upscale
Collapse - Collapse E.P.
DFC - Sick/So What
Chicken Milk - You Gert Nothing E.P.
Avail, Freak Beans, 1.6 Band & Spoke - Departure...
Doc Hopper - Chaser E.P.
Dumb & The Others Of London - Fly Apart/The Ostrich Trick
Rujan & Him - Tereza Se Nije Dala/Eugene's Tree
Tristan Psionic, Gleet, Sponge & Shallow - Smell Ya Later E.P.
Cub - Betti-Cola
Chikara - Die...Me
Chikara - Jesus Was A Capricorn
Citizens' Utilities - Chemicals
Demolition Hammer - Beam Me Up
Celascean - 45
Matthew Barber and the Spades - People Got To Know
Bitter Saints & Crash 13 - The Reason/Oneday
Cult, The - Gone
Deftones - 7 Words
Depeche Mode - Everyhing Counts
Doors, The - Gloria
Crust - Feelings/When I Say Yes
Duotang - 7" Single
D.O.A. - The Only Thing Green
Cynics, The - I Live Alone
Class Assassins, The - No Justice...No Peace
Destroyer - Loves Of A Gnostic (bandmix)/The Temple
Chixdiggit! - Shadowy Bangers Frm A Shadowy Duplex
Circus of Power - Heaven & Hell
Pearl Jam & R.E.M. - Happy When I'm Crying/Live For Today
Transonic & Swim - Ultra Dynamic 7"
Silver Scooter, Evie, hushfeed & Orange Glass - Self Portrait
Tankhog & Wind Walker - The Mint Is A Terrible Thing TomTaste
Ripcordz, Hockey Teeth, Bad Luck 13 & Lams - Hardcore 94
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Change Of Heart E.P.
Big Car Drill & Chemical People - Surrender/Getaway
Woodhawk - Beyond the Sun
Mappe Of - A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone
Tzadeka - Half the Pain Is Half the Work E.P.
Kelly J. DeVoe - Where's the Hotties At 2.0?
Cerulean Skies - The Dream Journal
Cerulean Skies - Stagnation; or, Communion with a Benign Hyperintelligence
Spacebutt - All the Deer Speak Portuguese
Slow Dancers - Philadelphus
Norman Nawrocki - Displaced/Misplaced
Faith Healer - Try
Maw Paw - Secret Music
Slow Leaves - Enough About Me
Casimiro Nhussi - Ximbombo
Greg Sover - Songs of a Renegade
Joseph Veloz - Offerings
Gogol Bordello - Seekers and Finders
Brainwashed Proper Citizens - Anomalies
Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure
Sun Seeker - Biddeford
Rococode - Young Ones EP
Offa Rex - The Queen Of Hearts
Bruce Cockburn - Bone on Bone
WOOLWORM - Deserve to Die
Death Party Playgroung - Bruce Willis' Jog Playlist #3
Jen Cloher - Jen Cloher
Cellos - The Great Leap Backward
Hajk - Hajk
EMA - Exile In The Outer Ring
The Composers Collective Big Band - The Composers Collective Big Band
33 - Emmapeel
33 - Chinatown
The 24th Street Wailers - Wicked
The 24th Street Wailers - Unshakeable
23 String Band - Catch 23
2 Unlimited - II
21 Tandem Repeats - No Junk Mail Please
16 - Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds
13 Engines - Brave New Waves Session
12 Eyes - Unit
Fashionism - Smash Thec State (With Your Face)
Tough Age - Guess Not
Various Artists - Love & Records - 2015 Live Compilation
FONKYNSON - #Followme
Various Artists - Fixture Five
Our Father Star - Songs About Comic Books, Girls & Satan
Famous Sandhogs, The - Ruan Ji & The Marquis of Melons
Zed Ergo - Fairy
Zed Ergo - Bats
Mess Folk & Fuck Montreal - Split
Late Spring - Trembly
Ken Roux - Play Quiet
June "Pepper" Harris - You're Gonna Be Sorry
JohNNy SiZZle - Controversy and Conspiracy Sound Series: Local Oddities
JohNNy SiZZle - Controversy and Conspiracy Sound Series: Pausible False Flags
JohNNy SiZZle - Controversy and Conspiracy Sound Series: Dire Holidays
Konrad - Artbreak
New Swears - And the Magic of Horses
Stompin Tom Connors [and 4 others] - Stompin Tom Connors 50th Anniversary
Dirty Catfish Brass Band - Big Shiny Brass
011 - Calcul Désintégral
10,000 Horses - Le Grand Silence
Animal Teeth - AAAAAAAA
Girl + the Machine - Hello Earth
Six Organs of Admittance - The Manifestation
5th Projekt - Circadian
5ive Style - 5ive Style
Five Knuckle Chuckle - Charliee Horse
5AFTER4 - Rome In A Day
4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra - Abdul the Rabbi
4Ft Fingers - A Cause For Concern
4D Tribe - Temple of the Jaguar
4-Star Movie - 4-Star Movie
The 4-Squares - Steve's Hamper
4 - My CD
Wild Homes, The - Sundowners
Parkview - Anthems of a Generation
Never Retreat/Never Surrende - Never Retreat/Never Surrende
3 lb.Thrill - Vulture
3flection - Adapt & Evolve
3D - Ritmo de Vida
Que Siga La Rumba - 3D Ritmo De Vida
3play+ - American Waltz
Howard Muckthruster and the Shy Kidneys - Grape Juice for The Lady
ChronicPhonics - Static
2CELLOS - In2ition
2% Cherry - 2% Cherry
1-speed bike - someone told me life gets easier in your 50's
Joanne Pollock - Stranger
Figure Walking - Big Other
Fred Penner - Hear the Music
Slim Forsythe - This Is Slim Forsythe
Zach Keim - First Step
Some Kind of Animal - Some Kind of Animal
Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?
Steve Earle & The Dukes - So You Wannabe An Outlaw
Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up
Mel Davis - It's About Time!
...and then nothing - ...and then nothing
Panpapal - New Album
(hed)pe - ground
Ensemble SuperMusique - Ya du bruit dans ma cabane by Ensemble SuperMusique (2008-01-01)
Ape-ettes, The - The Ape-ettes
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe